Weekend in Malaga + Ronda Spain


So for those of you who know us, know that Toby and I both have Birthdays in Winter. Toby’s is in January and mine is in February. So we usually like to do a joint trip for our birthdays. This particular trip we decided on Malaga in Spain; because… well… there’s sun. And let’s be honest, there’s not much of that in Ireland, especially in the winter. It’s a really neat town on the southern coast. People usually go there to sunbathe, but I have to say… I really enjoyed going there for the food.

La Alcazaba

The Alcazaba is a fortress up on a hill in the town which was built in the 11th Century. This building dates back to the Muslim period of Spanish history. Alcazaba actually means “Citadel” in arabic. It was restored several times in its day and my guess is that it looked a lot different than it does today. Nevertheless, it was a really pretty area to walk around.


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Roman Theatre

Right near the entrance to the Alcazaba is an old Roman theatre dating back to 1AD. It is also THE oldest monument in the city. It was still being excavated while we were there, so there wasn’t a whole lot to see, but a neat site nonetheless as you enter the Alcazaba.


Because it was nearing Easter time, some sort of Carnival type festival seemed to be going on while we were there. The city was decorated really nicely…

But also there were large groups of people who got together and dressed up to sing songs. Now, I don’t speak Spanish, so I have no idea what they are saying but linked to a couple of the clips below. There was a group of these around every corner and the whole town came out to see each different group perform. It seemed to also be a competition for who was dressed best and had the best performance.

Day Trip to Ronda

One of the days we were there we decided to take a day trip out to Ronda. We decided to drive there from Malaga, which was about an hour and a half drive. We mainly went there to see a really famous bridge and have lunch.



Other than look at the view and have some lunch, there wasn’t much to do while we were there. Part of that could’ve been because it was still February, and I’d say this spot is a lot more full of people over the summer. Still worth the neat photos though.


All in all it was a great trip, and a nice weekend to eat some yummy food… drink some wine… and catch some rays.


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