Splitting off to Split

So last summer, we headed off to Croatia for our summer vacation. We ended up flying into Pula, just because it was cheapest airport to fly into, and then rented a car and drove TWO HOURS down to Split. But, our flight arrived in late, so we stopped the night in Lovran before heading out the next morning.

Lovran, Croatia

We stopped into Lovran and satyed at Villa Nada. It was a great place to cheaply stay for the evening and even came with free breakfast the next morning. I’m not going to lie, we couldn’t discount the great view we had that morning for breakfast before driving onto Split.

View from Villa Nada in Lovran, Croatia

View from Villa Nada in Lovran, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Eventually, we wound up in Split. It’s’ the 2nd largest city in Croatia, and also one of the oldest. The palace (Diocletian’s Palace) was originally built in the 4th century. It was a super cool city to just walk around and get lost.

Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s palace, as I said, was bulit in 4th century AD. Today, it forms the city centre of Split. Although it was called a palace, it was originally built to be place for the Diocletian. However, it kind of “walled in” the city and looked more like a fortress. It was originally built by the Romans, but then abandoned when they left Croatia. A few centuries later, all of the residents of the town fled and hid in the palace when the Slav’s tried to attack the city. At that point, people built their homes and businesses straight into the wall of the fortress. Eventually, parts of the palace fell into ruins, but parts of it still stand. And, for those who enjoy Game of Thrones, part of season 4 and 5 were filmed here.

Also, in the evening, we happened to go by part of the square where there is actually a restaurant. They had a guitarist playing music and people would take turns getting up and dancing in the square. It was a great place to sit and grab a drink

Also, in the basement of the palace, the arch ways have been used to create a marketplace for people selling art and other cool souvenirs.

TRg Brace Radic (Fruit’s Square)

Not far from Diocletian’s palace was the fruit square. It was a big fruit market, and now they sell everything from sunglasses, to food, to flower, to clothes, etc.


In Split, there wasn’t much in the way of beaches, especially sand beaches in Split; however, there was Bačvice. It was a serviced sand beach with a small restaurant. The waiters would come to your bed (which you did have to pay to use for the day), and would serve you just as if you were at a restaurant. The water was nice and clean, and it was a great place to sit and get a bit of a tan and some vitamin-D.

To be honest, we spent quite a bit of time on the beach. When you never see the sun in Ireland, you try to soak up the sun as much as possible. The rest of the time we spent getting lost in the city, eating and drinking. The seafront was a nice place to grab food, but the restaurants were pricier (given the view). But we didn’t have a bad meal the entire time we were there. Croatia is really cool because it’s a LOT like Italy. The only way you’d know you weren’t in Italy was based on the fact that they spend a different currency and the menu was in a different language.

So, to end the post, I leave you with a little slideshow of the rest of our photos from Split!


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