Christmas in Prague

Hello! So, we just wanted to give you an update and tell you about our current vacation away. At the moment, we’re spending Christmas in Prague. As some of you may have read previously, since moving to Ireland Toby and I always go home at Thanksgiving. It’s too expensive to turn around and come back for Christmas a month later, so we’ve started travelling over Christmas instead. This year, we decided on Prague for many reasons – I’d never been to Eastern Europe and wanted the chance to experience it, and also they’re supposed to be well known for their Christmas markets. Oh, and it’s SOOOOO cheap here!

We found this awesome apartment on Air BnB for pretty cheap, and it’s well located within the city just of Wenceslas Sqaure (yes… Wenceslas like the Christmas song. By the time we arrived in the apartment and got settled, it was dinner time, so we decided to go check out the christmas markets on Wenceslas Square. They were pretty good, but I’d soon find out the next day that this was nothing.

Christmas in Prague

Nativity Scene carved into wood at the top of Wenceslas Square

Pražká Šunka

One of the many food stalls – this is Prague Ham (Pražká Šunka). This is considered a delicacy here and it’s FANTASTIC. Must try!


Prague ham with potatoes and hot wine. All of this cost us 10 euros.

The next day few days we walked around to see the rest of Christmas Markets and sightsee a little bit.

Old Town Square

This square is one of the other main places where there are Christmas Markets in the City Centre. It’s also where St. Nicholas Church and the Gothic Tyn Church are. It’s also the location of the Astronomical Clock. The Tynn Church (the church behind the christmas tree in the photo below). The current church was built in 1427, however there was previous another church in the same spot about 200 years prior to that.

Christmas in Prague

Christmas Markets in the Old Town Square

Christmas in Prague

Giant Christmas Tree with Tyn Church in the Background

Christmas in Prague

Christmas tree with Tyn Church in the background lit up at night


Astronomical Clock

St. Nicholas Church contains the astronomical clock. It was installed in 1410, making it the 3rd oldest astronomical clock in the world. It also still functions – which is crazy!

01bacc153887637ce4eea48262acb1df394a9924ac IMG_0627

Christmas Markets

In the Christmas Markets, they sell loads of things. Christmas ornaments, sweaters, knitted hats and scarves, trinkets carved out of wood, and lots of yummy yummy food.

Christmas in Prague


Old bohemian band playing music in old bohemian garb


An actual blacksmith at the christmas market who was making bells, iron roses, and other little iron trinkets


Me petting a donkey at one of the 4 animal petting areas in the markets


Christmas Ornaments


Wooden carvings


AMAZING cakes called Trdelník which they cut of and fill with nutella… YUM!!


The amazing selection of potatoes and sausages


Horrible photo – but some of the market grub – two different types of potatoes with chicken skewers and sausage


The Klementinum is a large complex of buildings in the city centre where the National University used to be housed. One of the first of the buildings built here was a chapel in the 11th Century. Shortly after, a monastery was founded here in the medieval times, and was eventually turned into a jesuit college in 1556. It also houses a astronomical tower and observatory. We also saw an Advent Christmas Concert in their mirror chapel.

Mirror Chapel

Mirror Chapel

Library Hall

Library Hall

We then climbed to the top of the Astronomical Tower and got some AMAZING views of the city.




Tyn Church. See that gold thing in the middle of the photo? That’s the CHRISTMAS TREE! It’s crazy tall.


Spires, spires, everywhere

01d30e60322e3b01ea6632490b2323b4f2e02cbebfI’ll update a bit more in a few days, but until then – Nollaig Shona Duit!


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