Tourist for a day

So I know I haven’t written in a few weeks, but that’s because I had been back home visiting! Will post about that soon, but I wanted to take a break from updating you on our past travels to write about such a fun time I had in town yesterday. My friend, Lindsay, and I decided we would spend the day going to go see parts of Dublin we hadn’t seen before. We started off the day trying a newer coffee house in town called The Woolen Mills.

The inside of the Woolen Mills

The inside of the Woolen Mills

Woolen Mills DublinThe cinnamon buns were fantastic! They had little pistachio’s in them… yum!!

Afterwards, we headed over to the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History Museum at Colin Barracks. We wanted to check this place out because neither of us had been there, and because it was free!

entry way of National Museum of Ireland

The museum was placed in former military barracks used by the british. They had loads of really neat exhibits including…

  • reconstructed rooms from the past
  • The Way we wore (clothing styles throughout history and how they were worn)
  • Currency through the years (including old viking coins)

among many others. I snapped a few small photos…


Old coins from the year 1536/1540 during the reign of King Henry VIII


Old pennies from the year 997


Old bowl/vase from greece. This bowl is from the year 2 BC


An old bell – unfortunately I don’t remember how old it was or where it’s from.

01aaf7941c04456fc1f80dfefd46466578261c6056 01f6785b4bbb0fccaeb17b35c059426fd59c6ec378

Examples of the current currency... I didn't even KNOW there were 200 and 500 euro notes!

Examples of the current currency… I didn’t even KNOW there were 200 and 500 euro notes!

Aftewards, we popped into The Green Hen for a little lunch, walked along Grafton Street….


Viking Mural we saw while walking around near temple bar


Saying hello to the little rescue dogs up for adoption on grafton street!


Christmas decorations ALREADY up on Grafton St.


Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere!!

and then called it a day. We were so exhausted from walking around. I actually looked it up and we walked about 10 miles yesterday! That’s my workout sorted for the day 🙂


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