Did ya miss me?

Hello! So yeah, I’ve been kind of sucking at keeping up this blog. Has it really been a year and a half?! I’m going to attempt to get back into this whole blogging thing again and get you guys updated to what we’ve been doing. Obviously, I have a lot to make up for! So, I’ll catch you up on our travels over the next few weeks first. Hope you all are doing well (if anyone still reads this, ha ha).

The last time I checked in with you all, Toby and I had just come back from Greece.

About a week after landing, I thought that running a 13km race called Hell and Back up and down the sugar loaf moutain in Wicklow, Ireland would be a good idea. I think it was one of the most DIFFICULT things I’d ever done physically. That being said, it was a LOT of fun.

The group of us before getting all dirty during the race

The group of us before getting all dirty during the race

The first obstacle we had to go through

The first obstacle we had to go through

Running towards one of the obstacles

Running towards one of the obstacles


The race included running up and down a mountain, carrying concrete cinderblocks, climbing over 15 foot walls, running through an area with small electric shocks, being shot at with bb guns… it was seriously intense. The whole thing took me two hours! And to end the race, you had turn up a 30 ft slope, grab a rope, and pull yourself up. Needless to say, now that this race is off my bucket list… not doing it again, ha ha.

Afterwards, we decided to do another little trip in Ireland, and decided to drive around the Ring of Hook. The ring of hook is a route that goes around the hook penninsula near the wexford area. We also decided to stop at a few manor houses along the way. I felt like I was in Downton Abbey. 🙂

Our first stop was Killruddery Estate – A house was originally built here in the 1600’s, but was burned down during a civil war. The current house was originally built in the 17th century, but remodelled in 1820. A family does still live here, but you are able to tour the house in summer months. The house and the grounds were used to film My Left Foot, Far and Away, Angela’s Ashes, The Tudor’s and Camelot.


Killruddery Estate


Gardens at Killruddery Estate


Killruddery Estate


The gardens at Killruddery Estate


We sat and had lunch overlooking the Gardens looking at the Estate

After lunch, we continued on our route towards Wexford. As we entered County Wexford, we stopped over at Johnstown Castle. The first family who lived here had the premises built in 1170. The lower houses were added in the 15th/16th century. The castle was given to the state in 1945 and is now run by the Irish Agricultural Museum.


Front side of the castle


Backside of the castle from the gardens


I found my own Nikki Sized tower!


more of the walled gardens

We then took a break for the evening, and continued more of the ring the next day. Our first sight of the day was Tintern Abbey. This abbey was founded in 1200. Of the originally abbey, the nave, chancel, tower, chapel, and cloister are still standing. As we approached the Abbey, of course, because it’s Ireland. It was actually in the middle of a farm surrounded by sheep and cows.






I found another Nikki sized tower!

Lastly, we finally ended up at Hook Head where the Hook Head lighthouse is. This lighthouse is the oldest intact opearational light house in the world. While we were there, the winds were reaching something like 60+mph. As you can see in the photo below, I could bend fairly far forward and just stay there without falling.


All in all, it was such a great trip! Will update you with more trips next week! 🙂


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