It’s all greek to me!

So, the day I landed from the United States in Dublin was actually Toby and I’s second wedding anniversary. Part of me thinks, man… I feel like we’ve been married a lot longer than two years. Then other times I think, “we’ve already been married two years?!” Either way, I couldn’t be happier to be on this adventure with Toby!

To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to take a 10 day trip to Greece. It was AMAZING!! When I woke up the morning of our flight, our exchange went a little something like this…

Toby: “So, what do you think we should do today?”

Me: ” Oh, I dunno. What do you want to do?”

Toby: “Do you think we should go to Greece today?”

Me: “Yeah, that sounds fun. Let’s do that.”

Even though our trip had been planned in advance, I was still excited.

We first arrived in Athens. I knew that the recession had been hard on all the “PIIGS” countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain). But, I didn’t realise JUST how hard it had hit Greece. Sometimes I get annoyed about some of the litter and graffiti you periodically see in Ireland, or that transport doesn’t always run quite on time… but being in Greece gave me a WHOLE new appreciation for Ireland. Frankly, Athens was really dirty. EVERYTHING was covered in Graffiti, the majority of the buildings looked like they were falling apart, and there was trash everywhere. It was really a shame to see a country that had previously done so well and has so much history to be currently doing so poorly. I got some cool graffiti photos though… ha ha.



image image (1)


We spent two nights in Athens before heading to some of the Islands. While we were there, we saw the Acropolis. It’s believed that this area was inhabited as far back as the fourth millenium BC!! (I think that’s CRAZY). It blows my mind that these buildings are tha old, and still standing along with the statues.

View over Athens from the Acropolis

Old Temple of Athena

Close up of the statues in the building

Up close view of the Old Temple of Athena with an olive tree out front

Close up of the columns of the building. This building is from 400 BC!!! WHAT?!

Sign in front of the buildings requesting you not walk into them

Oh you know… juts some random ruins in the middle of the city…

Me in front of what (I think…) was the Parthenon. Can’t remember the names of all the buildings

There were also dogs just laying around EVERYWHERE in the Acropolis…

P.S…. this marble was SUPER slippery. If it started raining, we would have pretty much been stuck, or fallen down the stairs attempting to leave

Then, we were ready to take our ferry to Mykonos. The ship was basically like a cruise ship. It was super cool! I wish I would have taken photos on the boat to show you guys. We sat in airline style seats. There was a food court on board, TV, internet, etc.

View from the back of the boat on the way to Mykonos

It’s crazy how the water changes where the propellers from the ferry has whipped up the water

We arrived in Mykonos, picked up our car, and met the guy who owned the holiday apartment we were renting. It was just outside of the city, so it overlooked the bay and the city. Most amazing views EVER!

View of the city from the window in the apartment

View of the city from outside our apartment. I think this may be one of the most beautiful places I’ve EVER been.

Seating area outdoor next to the apartment

Looking back towards the apartment from the seating area

The windmill above our apartment

Another view on the top of the apartment. Our apartment was below this

Oh, also one thing we learned very quickly upon arriving… because the islands are SOOO small (i.e. it only takes 25 minutes to drive to the complete other side of the island…) It’s not large enough to have a proper water treatment plant, at least that we would be used to in a city. What this means is…

You can’t throw toilet paper into the toilet. This made going to the bathroom …um… well… interesting. BUT, totally worth it for how beautiful this place was.

The next day, we very quickly went to the beach. And just to show you how beautiful this place was, these photos don’t even do justice to how pretty Mykonos was…


Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos

We also spent time walking around the village

Walking around at night

Of course I found one (of many) dogs

We also found a pelican. By the way, these things are a LOT bigger than I ever thought they would be. For some reason I thought they were the size of seagulls. NOPE. When completely standing up with it’s neck extended, this one was 5ft tall.

Oh, and by the way… Greece is really cheap (at least right now because their economy is so bad). You can buy HALF POUND of wine for 5 euros! That’s roughly $7. Also, Ouzo is really gross. It tastes like black licorice.

So Mykonos was fabulous, but then it was time to head to Santorini. YEAH! Or so I thought…

So it started off with, “we were on a catamaran” and ended with the ENTIRE boat puking everywhere. So our ferry was delayed for 5 hours because of weather. Which was confusing, because where we were at, it was 75 degrees, sunny, and no wind. So we were like what’s going on? This isn’t right! Why are we not leaving? Well, eventually the boat showed up, and we got going, and the first half of the 3.5 hour ride was fine. But half way through, all the sudden the waters got CRAZY choppy. So much so that Toby thought our catamaran was actually going to flip over and that we were going to drown. As you can probably guess, I spent the second half.. so an hour and half STRAIGHT vomiting along with the whole rest of the boat. It was so horrible, and definitely the WORST boat ride of my life. By the time we arrived, it was about 10pm and I was kissing that ground.

The villages around Santorini looked about the same as Mykonos, but the beaches were a bit different…

red sand beach

Black sand beach

Church in Exo Gonia

Donkey that carries peoples luggage up the stairs in the village

Chruch in Oia, Santorini


Oh, and the one thing Santorini is BEST known for… their sunsets. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a more beautiful sunset in my entire life.

Watching my sunset

We also went on a driving excursion…

All in all, it was FABULOUS and beautiful. I would LOVE to go back. Hope you enjoyed the photos!!



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