Visiting ‘Merca!

So, hey there…. So sorry I haven’t posted on here lately. LOADS has been going on, plus I’ve been writing a couple chapters for a self-help book for depression and anxiety with my supervisor, so I have had very little free time!

But, to pick up where I left off….. After visiting my amazing friend Laura in The Hague, I flew home for about 10 days to visit friends and family. I left (not kidding) 48 hours after landing from Holland, ha ha.

My awesome greeting coming off the plane. By the way, does anyone else notice that Hannah is now TALLER than me?!

While I was there I got to see both my brother and sister play their baseball games and volleyball games.

Zach Playing Baseball

Hannah playing volleyball

And got to see Grandma!!

The three of us had a lot of fun!

Playing with dogs!

Playing with dogs!


It’s winnin’ time!


Hannah Bowling

You can’t beat me! (Although, I ended up dead last in points, ha ha)


It was nice having warm summer nights for sitting outside by a fire pit …

Watching the sunset outside

Sitting around the fire pit

Mama bear poking the fire

And watching baseball games…

Hanging out at Royals Stadium!

Mom and Dad!!

Had to get my hot dog!!

I forgot how much fun baseball games were! We had a BLAST. AND… the Royals actually won!

AND OF COURSE, we had to go get some of my Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ!!

Z-Man at Oklahoma Joe’s

It was pretty good….

It had been around 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit while I was there, and then the day I was supposed to leave for Boston, it actually dropped to 30 and SNOWING!

Only in KS does it go from 90 to 32 in one day…

Of course, I met up with some of my other amazing friends who live in KC. BUT… because I completely forgot…. I didn’t get a photo with any of them :(.

The next day I flew out to Boston to visit my friend Jenny who used to live in Dublin. We explored Boston on Saturday during the day, and then spent Sunday evening in Rhode Island. Check out the photos below from the weekend!

Boston Skyline from our “duck tour”

Memorial site from the Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Bombing Memorial Site

Note at the boston bombing memorial site

Finish line at the Boston Marathon

All the business had “Boston Strong” written on them. It was so nice to see the community coming together.

Repairs still being carried out where the bomb went off


The actual blast site. The memorial was on the other side of the road because this part was closed at first for the investigation


Hugs for Boston!

Some of the cool buildings I saw walking around

Centennial Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Park

Fun night out with Jenny and a few of her friends

Then we took a boat ride in Rhode Island…

Newport Bridge

Arriving at Newport

Jenny and I at Bowen's Wharf in Newport, Rhode Island

Jenny and I at Bannister’s Wharf in Newport, Rhode Island

We stopped at a well known restaurant there called The Black Pearl to have their Clam Chowder. Supposedly they are supposed to be really well known for it. AND… because I had never had Clam Chowder before, we decided to go there. Jenny thought it would be important to document such a monumental event.

It was actually FANTASTIC! Then we rode back to Providence, where Jenny’s mom’s house was to hang out there for the evening

Jenny and her dog

Then, I headed back to Dublin. All in all, it was so great seeing everyone. And as always, the trip wasn’t nearly long enough!!


One thought on “Visiting ‘Merca!

  1. Denise Behrman says:

    you are right, your trip wan’t long enough… I wish I could bottle up your visit… love you bunches!!!

    Mama Bear and Papa Bear

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