Den Haag

Hey everyone.. so this past month has been SOOO busy!!

This past month, I was in Holland AND the United States, so I have loads to share!

It’s finally started getting a bit warmer here. The highs are about in the mid 50’s, so that’s nice. But I can’t wait for it to get even warmer! The first half of April I pretty much spent catching up on work stuff so before I went on my trips. About the 3rd weekend of April, I went to visit my friend Laura in the The Hague. Laura and I not only went to high school together, but we were also in the same program at KU and  Avila University (which was not even planned, we swear!) First, I just want to say, this was the 4th time I have travelled internationally completely by myself, and I am so proud of myself that this is something I am able to do. Before, I would have been scared to death traveling anywhere on a plane on my own. So I flew into Eindhoven, found the bus I needed to get to the train station, then found the train I needed to take to get to The Hague, AND got off on the CORRECT stop. I’m just going to take a minute here to say, “Go Me!!”

Cool shot from the train ride from Eindhoven to The Hague. Appears they were reconstructing some windmill.

First thing I love about the Hague, there are dogs every where. And they are welcome everywhere. INCLUDING Starbucks!

Dog at Starbucks! (sorry for the horrible shot, was trying to be discreet of taking photos of random people and their dogs, ha ha).

Laura had to work for a few more hours, so I sort of just walked around the city and entertained myself in the mean time. It’s a neat little city to walk around!

Some art on the side of one of the buildings

I just thought the windows on this building were really neat!

I stopped for a while and ordered a coffee, and it was served with a shot glass… I know it wasn’t alcohol, but I still wasn’t quite sure what it was, so I just left it there… ha ha.

Walking around one of the squares

Then one part of town had some neat statues on each corner…

upside down tulip

Then Laura got off work, and we went back, made some pizza, and just kind of hung out for the night and caught up, which was really nice.

The next day her friends came over for a brunch, because one of her Au Pair friends was leaving and flying home to Australia the same day I was going to fly back to Ireland. So we all hung out, ate brunch, then eventually walked up to an open-air Turkish Market they had in town. It was SOO cool. Laura said it is actually the largest OPEN air market currently within Europe. They sold food, and clothes, and jewelry… If I lived there, I would so be there every weekend.

My turkish pizza

Then that evening we went and hung out on the beach

The next day we grabbed coffee, hung out and chatted. We went to an awesome place called Bagels and Beans (for bagels and coffee beans, I though the name was pretty clever!)

view from Laura’s apartment

The stairwell in Laura’s Apartment… I LOVED her building!!

Saying goodbye at the airport

All in all, it was so great to travel to the Hague and visit with Laura!! One of the neat things about Holland/The Netherlands is that pretty much everything is in English, or comes with an English Translation. It’s sort of weird hearing people seamlessly transition from speaking dutch, to PERFECT English without even an accent. I can see how it would be an easy country to transition into, being that you can get around perfectly without speaking Dutch. Anyway, I’m off to bed. Hope you enjoyed the photos!


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