First St. Patty’s on the Emerald Isle

So, last weekend was my FIRST St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. This time last year I was back home for my first visit since moving, but Toby was here for St. Patty’s last year. So, I had heard from many people, STAY AWAY from downtown on St. Patty’s, it’s just insane, it isn’t worth it. And I actually asked a couple of my friends here, “What are some of the actual Irish St. Patty’s traditions?” Here, St. Patrick’s day is actually a religious holiday. It celebrates the day that the Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. He was captured and sent to Ireland to be a slave back when Ireland was a viking culture. He eventually escaped with his family, and became a cleric. He eventually came back to Ireland to preach christianty. The reason everyone wears green, is because Saint Patrick used a shamrock to explain the holy trinity to the people living in ireland at the time.

So, many people in Ireland who celebrate it as a christan holiday would go out the Friday or Saturday before to collect shamrocks, not clovers, to wear where one would wear a broach or pin on their chest. Then on Sunday, there would be a parade through the middle of each community led by the priest. The parade would end at the church, where the whole community would engage in Mass together. Then afterwards, everyone would go home for a big sunday dinner. However, it appears to have turned into a larger holiday overseas, especially for Irish people who have moved abroad. It turns into a day for them to celebrate being Irish, and they get together with other Irish people to celebrate, which then eventually turned into the holiday it has become in the U.S. today.

But anyway, so we went into town anyway to see what was going on, and here is our day in photos!

Temple Bar on St. Patrick’s Day several hours after the parade ended

Temple Bar – St. Patty’s day

After looking at downtown, we left about 5 minutes later, just because it was IMPOSSIBLE to get around and there were so many people. So, we went to our local pub, Searson’s. They were having live music and dancing. I caught some videos of the dancing that they got the crowd involved in. Here it is for your viewing pleasure…

Me and my “pint of plain”

Had to have our Irish Drinks on St. Patty’s! My Bulmer’s and Toby’s “Pint of Plain”

Me getting after Toby for being ornery, big surprise, ha ha

View of the pub walking home, all lit up green

Even Keeley got her Irish on!


Hope everyone had a great St. Patty’s!! Lá sona naomh Pádraig!

(Little bit of info, the Gaelic version of Patrick is Padraig, hence… St. Paddy’s day or -for patrick- St. Patty’s)


2 thoughts on “First St. Patty’s on the Emerald Isle

  1. sara says:

    What a fun celebration. I love seeing your pictures and traveling through Europe with you! Are you going to take Irish dancing lessons?!

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