So, Last night I very successfully threw Toby a surprise birthday party! I was so proud of myself I kept it a secret! Our friend Paul was in town from Zurich for Toby’s birthday, so him, Toby, and Killian went golfing for a couple hours. The second they left, I started scrambling around to get things ready. I had half the food at my friend’s apartment, and the balloons at another. So they started dropping by while the boys were out to drop off things before they came back for the party. It ended up going GREAT! and toby had NO clue. He was literally so shocked when he walked in, that he had to stop and take a moment to breathe! 🙂 Here are some photos from his surprise party…

Toby’s entire office pitched in and bought him crystal whiskey glasses for his birthday. It was so sweet and unexpected!

Keeley checking out the food

Toby embracing his new age well

All in all, it ended up being a great party! It was so nice that so many of Toby’s workmates and friends came out. Happy Birthday Toby!


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