Amsterdam Day 2

Happy Weekend!

So, last night we just hung out and watched Men and Black 3 in our hotel room. Today we leisurely got up and walked around. Here is some of what we saw…

We ate lunch and tried some Trappist Beers (Trappist beers are beers brewed by Monks in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Austria. They brew the beers to make their Monasteries self sustaining. Most of them were destroyed during the French Revolution, WWI and WWII. There are currently 8 trappist breweries left in the world, some of which you may recognise… Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren/St SixtusSint-Benedictusabdij de Achelse Kluis/AchelKoningshoeven/La Trappe, and Engelszell.)

It was quite tasty! We also swung into one of the groceries stores to look around, because I really like to do this in foreign countries. We also were curious how much the trappist beers cost, because they tasted REALLY good! Surprisingly, they were only €1.30!! That’s only $1.75 for a really nice craft beer.

This is a fast food place where food is put into little “lockers”. And like a vending machine, you enter the money for the food item you want, and the locker opens.



Then we went to the Heineken Brewery, which was pretty cool, although I wouldn’t pay the price we did again to see it in the future.

Then, of course as most brewery tours have, we had our obligatory taster. I was excited because of the “Nikki sized glasses!”

Toby was less excited than I was about the little glasses…

The above video is a projection they had displayed through Heineken bottles.

I ended up getting one of the little sized glasses to take home as a souvenir. They were only 2.50. Afterwards, we came back to the hotel to warm up, because it’s freezing outside!!! (right now it’s 23F with a windchill 0f 9 degrees). Once we warmed up, we ventured back out for dinner, and ate at a place called Stacey’s Pennywell. The food was really good. Toby had a hamburger, and I ate lamb.


Now, I’m off to warm my feet. I’ve been spoiled in Ireland not being around weather below freezing, ha ha. Goodnight!


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