Playing Catch Up

Hi everyone!

Yes, I know, I’ve been HORRIBLE about posting lately. I’m really going to try to be better about it. So here is our update since my last post…

Thanksgiving was great, it was nice seeing everyone. I’m pretty sure I covered the main highlights of visiting in the last post. Although, I did do the luminary walk with my parents which was pretty cool!

Zach at the luminary walk

Zach at the luminary walk


Horse carriage ride

Horse carriage ride


Listening to jazzy xmas music while drinking hot cocoa

Listening to jazzy xmas music while drinking hot cocoa

When I got back, of course the first thing I did was put up the christmas tree!

2012-11-30 18.40.54Then, a few weeks later Toby’s sister Tiffany, and a good friend of mine from High School, Undergrad, and Grad school, Laura, came to spend christmas with us. It was so nice having people with us at christmas time! Here are some photos from their visit…

Sinead O Conor singing on christmas eve on Grafton Street


Bono Singing on Grafton Street on Christmas Eve

Glen Hansard after his performance on Grafton Street

So, to explain the photos above, every christmas the Irish Celebrities come sing on Grafton Street to raise money for charity. We were about 10 people back from Bono, it was really cool! When I get more time, I’ll upload a video of it.

our street

walking around christmas eve

Cooking on Christmas Eve

Xmas Dinner

Opening Xmas gifts


opening xmas gifts

opening xmas gifts

opening xmas gifts

at the beach


Playing dress up at the Viking Museum

Then, for New Years, we just kind of stayed in and have been playing catch up since then. Right now we are actually in the Airport about to go on a trip for Toby’s 30th birthday!! We’re going to Amsterdam in Holland for a few days, then driving over to Brugge in Belgium to check out some of the craft beer breweries. Depending on my internet connection, will try to upload photos while we’re there. In the mean time, Hope everyone is having a happy new year!!!



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