Amsterdam, Day 1

Surprise! I bet you didn’t think you were lucky enough to get two posts in one day!!!

Anyway, we made it into Amsterdam, and it is COLD! We’ve been used to about 45 during the day, and MAYBE 35 at night. However, here in Amsterdam there is snow and ice on the ground, and right now it’s 30 with a windchill of 20. We landed in Schippol airport, and took a train into the city centre.

Irish pub in the airport that had a courtyard sitting area… definitely not having a pint outside! ha ha

City Centre with canals (not my photo… imagine this, but with snow.. ha ha)


Amsterdam Central Train Station (again, not my photo)

one of the HUNDREDS of canals in this city… you can see the snow on the boats

Then we dropped our stuff off at the hotel. Our hotel is pretty nice, and really well located!

Sink in the hotel room

Then we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant…. in Holland… where we had Irish coffees…. doesn’t get more multicultural than that! ha ha! Also, the Heineken brewery is here, so they are pretty big on beer. Apparently you can order it in multiple sizes…

The nice thing about travelling in major cities in Europe, is that even if English is not their national language, they pretty much ALWAYS have an English menu, and most people speak English. I don’t how they knew we were English speakers (maybe overhead us speaking), but just came up to us speaking English. Not complaining though, because I do not know ANY dutch!

Also, another funny thing is that literally translated, they say thank you as, “yes please.” So, at dinner when our food arrived, and I said, “Thank you” and the person said, “Yes Please!” and smiled and walked away. The only reason I knew what this actually meant, was that one of my friends who lives in The Hague, Netherlands told me about this. Otherwise, I would have been SOOO confused!

Also, I have seen SO many dogs since we’ve been here. I’m trying really hard to not steal them and take them all home 🙂 We saw three dogs in the airport, 2 on the train, 2 more in the train station, and loads on the sidewalk.

Anyway, we’re going to just hang out and relax tonight… also because it’s freaking cold outside… Tomorrow we’re going to try to go explore the city a bit more.

Good night! Goedenacht! Oíche mhaith!


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