There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home

So, I’ve been back in Kansas for about a week now for thanksgiving, and I’ve been getting ALL sorts of good food fixes! Before  I left, Toby and I went and grabbed my FAVORITE wings in the world from Porterhouse and their bangers and mash…

Salt and Chilli Wings

Bangers and Mash


Then, we went and saw the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, which was AMAZING!! Plus, how could not instantly fall in love with someone who looks like Daniel Craig?

Walking home from the movie, we walked down Grafton Street, and Brown Thomas already had their Christmas window displays up (excuse some of my cell phone photos)

Also – because pumpkin does not really exist here, I used my last two cans of pumpkin to make pumpkin pie for the people who work where I volunteer.

I forgot how good pumpkin pie was!!!

Then, the next day I left for Kansas, and I have to say it was actually one of the best travelling experiences I may have ever had. My flight over was smooth, and went by fairly quickly. I was supposed to have a 5 hour layover in Chicago, but I was I able to get on stand by for an earlier flight to KC and arrived four hours early! 🙂 I was quite happy about this!

Since I’ve been back, I got to go to Bravo, one of my FAV restaurants (also where Toby and I met)

I got my yummy chicken chopped salad!

And we took a trip to target (forgot how much I love that place… and how dangerous it is for me to be inside) and they had all the christmas stuff up (YAY!)

Then yesterday, I went to the adults only night at LegoLand, which apparently opened up after we moved. It was neat to see, but WAY over priced at $15 for 2 hour admission…

Kansas City made of Legos

Kansas Speedway made out of Legos

Chief’s Stadium made of legos

The Country Club Plaza made of Legos

Lego Version of Country club Plaza at night

The Munchkin Land from Wizard of Oz

The land of Oz made of Legos

My sister in law, Tiffany, doing little kid karaoke

Then today, we went to the Pirtle Winery in Weston Missouri and did some wine tasting. They were selling these coasters that I had to buy, being that I’m a therapist and all, ha ha…


The winery was okay, the wines and mead were fairly good. It was a lot smaller than I expected it to be, I thought their actual vineyard would be there, but it wasn’t. Nevertheless, it was a good time! We even stopped at an Irish Pub and had lunch!

Anyway,  It’s off to bed for me! Gotta spend tomorrow cooking my Banoffy Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Mulled Wine! Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll even post the recipes!!



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