Keeley’s adventure to the vet

So, Monday (a week ago), I took Keeley to the vet to have her foot looked at. As suspected, she completely ripped out her dew claw while running. The vet said that’s a good thing, because if she hadn’t, if she just cracked part of it off, we would have had to pay to have her sedated and have it cleaned out and fixed. So I thought, “Great! we saved some money!” in a weird, morbid kind of way… So he checked her out, gave her an antibiotic shot, and said she’s good to go. They just gave her the cone of shame to wear for a week so she wouldn’t lick her wound.

So I’m walking home, called my volunteer place, let them know the visit went pretty well and that I’d be in soon. Then I messaged Toby, saying, “Oh, the vet visit went well, this is what happened…” blah blah blah. So I get home, go to put up Keeley in the kitchen with her bed (which is where we put her while we’re gone. And I go to take a photo of her in cone to send to Toby. Well, this is the photo I took…

Sorry, I know the photo is kind of dark. But if you can guess what happened… I realized IMMEDIATELY after taking the photo that Keeley was having an allergic reaction… normally she looks like this…

bad cell phone pic of the last time she had to wear a cone

So I picked her up, and sprinted out the building to get a taxi to take us to the vet. As soon as I got in the taxi, I looked down and saw she was starting to break out in hives, and her face was even bigger. So of course, what did I do? Freak the hell out, crying asking the taxi driver to drive faster. By the time we got to the vet (which is a 2km/1.2 mile drive), her throat was closing up, and she was going into anaphylactic shock. I felt so bad, because I didn’t know what to do, and she didn’t know what was happening to her, so she was freaking out.

So we got to the vet, and I ran in like a mad woman (and the vet was PACKED), crying and shouting, “MY DOG IS HAVING AN ALLERGIC REACTION!!!” The receptionist looked up, and when she saw Keeleys face, panicked and said, “oh my god, come with me.” She took us back to one of the rooms, and they very quickly took Keeley in the back to give her whatever dog version of an epi-pen they use. The woman came back in and said that she was going to be okay, but they were going to have to keep her for the day for observation. She then informed me that it was Penicillin she had an allergic reaction to, and that they would place a note in her file. This was at 10:30 am…

… at 5:00 pm, I was allowed to pick her up and bring her back home, and she looked like this….

You can see her neck and cheeks were droopy from being stretched out so far…

So – that was our excitement for the day…. and I definitely didn’t need any more than that. She’s fine now, which is great, but man, what a way to find out you’re allergic to Penicillin!

THEN… On Friday my good friend Jenny left to go back home to the States… 😦 I was pretty sad. So on Wednesday evening, we had a sort of “last hurrah” hanging out before she left. We’ll miss ya girl!

I do have to say, it was really weird after she left. Because she was not only the closest friend I made here, but she was the only other American I knew. Since we both were typically around during the day, we’d often have lunch, or go walk in the park together in addition to hanging out on the weekends. Even though I know I have other friends here, and I have Toby, it was suddenly very isolating knowing that I now know no other Americans here. But that is okay, as Toby says, I tend to make friends quickly because I’m “small and non-threatening…” ha ha.

ALSO – starting tomorrow our Visitor season starts. So I definitely won’t be alone… Here is what our following schedule looks like…

  • Sept 18-21 – My good friend from back home, Sandy, and her husband are visiting
  • Sept 21 -23 – Paul is back in town visitng
  • Sept 24 – 27 – Toby is meeting his best friend, Blake, in Munich
  • Sept 27 – October 15th – Toby’s Parents are in town
  • October 1 – 3, Blake is in Dublin
  • October 26th – Nov 3rd, toby’s friends from work in Ireland
  • The weekend of Nov 3rd, Jenny is back in town for her graduation
  • Then November 14th, I leave to go home for two weeks for thanksgiving
  • December 23rd – 29th Toby’s sister, Tiffany, is in town for a week for Christmas

So we are about to be some busy bees over here. So if I don’t post for awhile, that’s why, ha ha… but I’m going to try to post as much as possible!

Happy Monday Everyone!





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