Tall Ships Festival

Hello all, and happy Saturday. So, I know it’s been about a week, BUT I come bearing gifts of photos!

Toby and I in front of the Samuel Beckett Bridge

So, on Saturday last week, we went to the Tall Ships Festival before the ships set off for their race. Race is as follows…

The Tall Ships Races 2012, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International, will commence in St Malo, France from the 5th to the 8th of July.

From St Malo, the fleet will race across the Bay of Biscay to Lisbon in Portugal, before carrying on to Cádiz in Spain.

The Tall Ships will depart Cádiz to cruise in company along the length of the Portuguese coast before reaching the safe harbour of A Coruna in Northern Spain.

At this point excitement will be mounting in Dublin, as the fleet will depart A Coruna on the 13th of August to head north for the Irish Sea and Dublin.

The The Tall Ships Races 2012 – Dublin event will take place from the 23rd to the 26th of August.

For more information visit www.tallshipsraces.com

And the history of how the race started…

We have our roots in the middle of the last century with the creation of the Sail Training International Race Committee in order to organise the first race of Sail Training Tall Ships in 1956.

Sail Training International as we are today formed in early 2002 and we were granted charitable status in early 2003.  All who were involved in the creation of Sail Training International were previously directors or members of the International Committee of the International Sail Training Association (a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK Sail Training Association).  The ISTA has previously developed from the original Sail Training International Race committee to continue organizing the Tall Ships’ Races in Europe.  Sail Training International acquired the assets of ISTA, including its staff and contracts with host ports, in late 2002.

The main motivation for establishing Sail Training International, effectively ‘owned and controlled’ by our member national organisations, was to create a new and independent voice for international sail training with ambitious global aspirations … which we are now fulfilling.

Anyway, on with the photos!

There were so many people out walking around!

People Kayaking down the River Liffey

Samuel Beckett Bridge

Up close view of the ships

Another one of the ships

Jenny and I on the Samuel Beckett Bridge checking out the other side

little dressed up drumline near the festival side

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Today there’s a football game Notre Dame vs. Navy playing in Dublin, so we’re going to see if we can go check out the festivities! 🙂


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