Kaitlyn’s Visit: Kilkenny

Ok – so this is ALMOST the last of the photos from Kaitlyn’s visit. Over the weekend, we went to Kilkenny, which was exciting because neither Toby and I had been there before. Kilkenny is a (now) city that first established in the 6th Century (CRAZY!).

When we first got there, we went to see the Kilkenny Castle. It was first built in 1195, and was first inhabited by Richard De Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (also known as Strongbow – he is the guy the Strongbow Cider is named after). We also learned later that Strongbow is buried in Christchurch in Dublin (which we visited the next day). Then, the Butler family bought the castle in the 1300’s, and lived there until 1931 when it was abandoned. The castle was purchased by the Irish Government in the 1990’s when they started renovating the Castle back to its original state. As you can imagine, the castle was almost completely deteriorated after being abandoned for 60 years. Anyway, here are some photos from our visit…

Entrance to the Castle

Us inside the entrance gates

Viewing the Castle from the Courtyard

Upclose view of the face decorations next to the doors of the castle

Rose Garden on the Grounds

Cute little girl that was playing near the fountain

In the staircase of the Castle


Ceiling of the art gallery – it’s hard to tell but it’s painted

Then we walked around the town a bit to see what else there was to see, and we ended up passing the Smithwick’s Brewing Facilities – I didn’t even know Smithwick’s Ale was brewed in Kilkenny!

Random old pretty building we saw walking around

Smithwick’s Brewing Building

view down one of the streets

Area next to the castle where people were selling arts and goods (foods, chocolates, etc)

Then we went and saw St. Canice’s Cathedral and Tower. The current building predates the 13th Century, and is the second largest church in Ireland. Next door to the Cathedral was a tall tower that dates back to the 9th century, which we got to climb (YAY!).

Walking up to the Church

Walking up to St. Canice’s Church

About to go up #2 of 5 ladders to the top of the tower

view from atop the tower

looking down at the church from the tower

inside the church

close up of the windows

floor of the church

Tomb of a fallen soldier from the 16 or 1700’s


The side of the choir pews

Side of the church

then as we walked around, we found another medieval church…

and another one….

And then this church which was built in the 1850s…

ceiling of the cathedral in St. Mary’s

Wall of the church – see how the wall is painted?

floor up by the alter of the cathedral


wall by the alter

Then, we still had about an hour until our train arrived, so we walked around a little more and found this cool old candy shop.

Then we stopped by the outside to get an ice cream sundae, yum!

funny sandwich shop next door

Anyway – it’s late, and we’re off to bed to get Kaitlyn to the airport tomorrow! So I’ll try to get the photos of the rest of her visit up tomorrow or the next day!

Good night!


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