Kaitlyn’s Visit part 2

So, I haven’t had a chance to post lately because we’ve all been so busy this week! BUT, here is an update on what we’ve been doing… (WARNING: LOADS of photos ahead)

We are now completely moved out of our apartment (yay! and I promise to get pics of that up soon). On Wednesday, we took a day trip up to Malahide. We were going to try to see the castle, but it ended up being closed for renovations…

Since it was closed, we grabbed some sandwiches in town, and started walking to the beach

note: this is not my photo, but another photo of Malahide

note – this is not my photo, but another photo of malahide

Keeley trying to photo bomb my photo of the beach in Malahide

Kaitlyn on the beach

One of the crabs we found crawling around in the water

The beach was amazing… it was sooo quiet and peaceful, and since it was a weekday, there was just about no one there. We sat there and searched for seashells after eating our lunch in the sand. I even got Keeley to go in the water for a little bit! I’m excited to go back once the castle opens, which is in September. But I’ll definitely go back for the beach. Next time we go, we’ll take more photos.

for more cool photos of Malahide, check out this link here

On Thursday…

we tried to go see the Book of Kells, but the line was CRAZY long, so we decided we’d come back to see that another time. I went to work, and then when I came back that evening, we took a trip to O’Donoghue’s Pub. This pub is pretty famous, because it’s where the band The Dubliners first became known. So, a  lot of people go there to perform Irish Folk Music. The pub was built in 1798 and was used as a grocery store until 1934 when it started operating as a pub.

The band playing at O’Donoghue’s that evening (sorry for crappy cell phone picture)

Then on Friday….

We took a day trip to the Wicklow Mountains. We hiked for the first part of the day, then had Lunch in Enniskerry, then drove around before seeing Glendalough. I’ll just let you see the photos for yourself!

View from on top of the Wicklow Mountains

Hiking through the mountain

A close up of some of the plants on the mountain

More close up of plants from the hike

These little prickly plants were EVERYWHERE too!

Shamrock – these are EVERYWHERE here

Kaitlyn and I on top of the mountain with Powerscourt waterfall in the background

There was a natural spring, our tour guide filled up all our water bottles with the natural spring water. It was soooo good, and actually freezing cold!

Then we stopped for a little lunch…




more of the mountains

Looking over the Wicklow Mountains while sitting on the “P.S. I Love You” bridge

The Guinness Lake in the Wicklow Mountains – They were in the process of filming a show “Vikings” for the History Channel that day

A guy playing bag pipes at Glendalough

The round tour at Glendalough

one of the beautiful headstones in the cemetery

One of the lakes at Glendalough


We stopped to put our feet in the water

Some of the kids playing in the lake (despite a “stay out of the lake” sign… ha ha)

Anyway, that’s all the photos I’ll make you look at for now, ha ha. We did loads this weekend, but I’ll put that in a different post. Good night everyone!


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