Happy Fourth of July!!

So, I have to admit… it felt weird being here on the 4th of July. There was no patriotism surrounding us… no day off… no fireworks… no parade…. but we did our best to celebrate it!

To prepare the night before, I picked out my red-white-and-blue outfit, and painted my nails red and blue to match!

Then, to get my patriotism on, I started my day off yesterday with this video…

I got to my Volunteer site, and they had prepared a special 4th of July treat for me!

They were also nice enough to take me out to lunch at a restaurant called Captain Americas. It’s like an American style burger joint. Apparently, it was the first restaurant to bring American style hamburgers to Ireland… even before McDonalds.

They did have a healthy lunch option (which if we’re honest, is not actually a healthy lunch option…)

But you know what?! It was the 4th of July… I was having my hamburger!!! But first, I had some potato skins 🙂

THEN I had my hamburger…

Then, after I went home, I immediately went into a food coma, ha ha. Eventually I had to work my way to work, but that was okay, because afterwards, our friends had a 4th of July party!!

Jenny made sure to put up a sign so we could find her apartment. 🙂

I was determined to use the crazy long straw

We didn’t have fireworks, so we made our own fire! 🙂

Although we didn’t have fireworks, we still had fun! Although I got some nice fireworks videos from the fireworks they were shooting off at home. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to upload them to the blog 😦

And on one last note… My little brother turned 10 years old today!!

Happy Birthday Zach!!!

We are also having a “I love America” party tomorrow for our friend Paul’s going away party. He is moving to Zurich next week. So I’m sure I’ll have some fun photos from that!


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