Day in the Life: Nikki

So – To mix things up a little bit, I decided to do a day in the life post, so you can see what life is like for at least me on a daily basis. I haven’t gotten Toby to take photos yet. If I do, I will post those when he takes them.

So first, I get out of bed, take keeley out to the bathroom, and then make my breakfast. I drink coffee everyday, and here, drip coffee doesn’t really exist. To make coffee, you either have an espresso machine or you use instant coffee. So, I use instant coffee, and use an electric kettle to heat up the water. I don’t know how I ever lived without an electric kettle before… it heats up the water to boiling INSTANTLY!!

After I eat, I get around to go volunteer in the mornings. For some reason, none of the apartments have outlets in the bathrooms. So, I plug in an extension cord and bring the other end of it into the bathroom to fix my hair in the mornings. Once I’ve gotten around, I get keeley all sorted…

Then I grab my stuff and head out!

Walking down the street… National Concert Hall in the background…

In the mornings, they hand out a free newspaper called The Metro Herald. I got mine and was ready to read it while I kept walking …

Lucky for me, I get to walk through St. Stephen’s Green on my way there…

Getting to the end of the park… You can just about see Grafton Street!

AH, and Grafton Street, here I am!

Still on Grafton St – All the shops are getting their deliveries before they get busy.

Almost there…

Entrance to ReachOut, where I volunteer

The desk I sit at

Welp – It’s 1pm! That means time to walk back home and eat some lunch!

This is the view out the front of the building. Looks like the lunch crowd is starting to pick up!

Walking back towards Grafton Street. The flower vendors are getting set up.

About to go back through St. Stephen’s Green. Looks like the horse carriages are starting to line up too to take tourists on rides around the city and park.

More people in the park. When it’s nice outside, everyone comes here to eat their lunch.

The swans going to go get fed by people at the park.

Finally through the park … Almost home

Home at last!

Once I got home, I let Keeley out, she was pretty excited I was home


Yay for left-overs for lunch! 🙂 Yummy Chicken Cacciatore

After I eat lunch, it’s time to head to work!

Halfway there…

I pass this GORGEOUS flower shop on my way to work, everyday I walk buy I want to buy EVERYTHING!

And I’m at work!

And that means, time to get my therapy on! This is the room I do therapy in.

Time to walk back home and cook some dinner! On my way home I passed a pub near our apartment called The Barge which is right along the canal. When it’s nice outside, people sit out there after work and have some pints. This day, it was really nice, and they were packed!

Toby snapped a photo of me cooking dinner

and you know what that means??? RECIPE TIME! except this post got really long, so the recipe will come tomorrow, ha ha.


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