Sweedish MidSummer

Hello all!!

So, for once, it has been absolutely GORGEOUS here in Dublin. I’m talking 70 degrees and SUNNY for like 3 straight days!!! This past week we had our summer solstice (by the way – last night at 11am it was still bright enough to see lights through the curtains – what?!), which apparantly is  HUGE deal in Sweeden. If you have been following my blog, you’d know that one of our very good friends happens to be from Sweeden! So, we had a Sweedish Midsummer party on Sunday and it was so much fun!

To learn a little bit more about how midsummer works, check out this youtube video…

The food was fabulous!!!

Milo leading us in song and drink

One of the other Sweeds leading us in one of their Sweedish songs

Trying a little bit of the traditional Schnapps while the Sweeds sang their songs


Our Strawberry Cake

I don’t have a photo of the food, but the tradition Swedish Midsummer food consisted of pickled herring, smoked salmon, a various array of different types of breads, sweet dill mustard, sweedish meatballs, brown sauce (tasted like gravy… yum!), with a sort of Jam (I don’t remember the type of berry used to make the jam), with cinnamon buns (cinnamon rolls), strawberry cake, fish pie, elderberry punch, and new baby potatoes with tomaotes. Here’s a photo I found online similar to what we ate…

It was all so much fun. But, one thing that hasn’t been fun about the lack of rain lately… apparently I have allergies when it’s not raining… 😦 Here, when you have allergies, people say you have “Hayfever.” I have never ever heard that term used before for allergies. So, I drug my butt out of bed down to the grocery store to pick up some soup and am resting before I go to work this evening. I tell ya what… I really miss chicken noodle soup! I need to premake a bunch in advance and freeze it or something for days like today.

Things to look forward to in future posts: “A day in the life”. Is there any other topics you’d like us to write about for our adventures or questions? I’d love to hear ’em!


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