Sintra – days 3 and 4

So, we’ve been in Sintra for 4 days far, and it’s been so much fun! The only down side… I’m COVERED in chigger and mosquito bites from walking around outdoor areas. 😦 My legs look like I have chicken pox, ha ha. Anyway, here’s more of what we’ve done so far…


So, on tuesday it was a bit cooler and cloudy; so, we decided to do a little sight seeing. First we went to Quinta Da Regaleira. It’s a mansion that was built in the early 1900’s by a rich merchant family that lived in Porto.

The whole garden area was connected by underground tunnels, it was really cool…

Having some coffee before moving on

After the Quinta Da Regaleira, we went to the Pena National Palace (click the link to read more about it’s history).

We were so high up, that we were literally IN the clouds…

Walking back down the path

We got home and we were EXHAUSTED! But everything we saw was amazing!!!


So today, after eating, we eventually got up and going to do some more sight seeing!

Today we started off by going to see Monserrate.

Toby caught me taking photos of the plants

upclose view of the wall. This is all HAND CARVED into plaster!

After looking at the villa, we found a cool tree and decided to climb it!

old chapel ruins on the grounds – this was built in the 1540’s

Anyway. Sorry about the photo overload. One last thing, we finally got a good video of driving around here in Sintra… You’ll have to check it out!

I’ll post a link to ALL the photos, because we have taken so many. The problem was my Picasa ran out of space, so I want to wait and post the link to the album once all my photos are in one place. It’ll come soon!


2 thoughts on “Sintra – days 3 and 4

  1. sara says:

    Wow! What a fairy tale life exploring so many historic places. What fun. Thanks for the card! Love all the pictures. You can never take too many!

  2. Nikki Paulie says:

    Glad you go the card, and thanks for the card from you!!! Also glad you’re enjoying the pictures. It really does almost feel sureal the life we’re living, ha ha

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