So, these roads are a bit narrow…

Hello from Portugal! So, I’ve managed to get enough internet connection to make a post. Our internet has been a little bit shotty here. But I wanted to share our vacay so far!


So, we ended up getting in late Saturday evening and we didn’t anything but watch a little TV and go to bed. BUT Sunday was our first full day here. We got up and ran to the local market to get a little bit of food to eat, since we are staying in a house. Toby was nice enough to cook, since I cook all the time 🙂

Toby cooking breakfast 🙂

Afterwards, we laid out outside for awhile to work on our tans 🙂


Later we had a little snack. The guy who owns the house we’re renting gave us some pastries that are local to the area, they are AMAZING!! They are called queijadas.

If you ever come to Portugal, you HAVE to have these! Then we had a little bit more of a snack… 🙂

I seriously think I could live off cured meats and cheese for the rest of my life and be happy, ha ha.

Then, we drove around for a little bit to see some more of the town.

Then came home to relax for the evening with some wine as we watched the sunset


It was really foggy earlier today…

Today, we got up and had a bit of breakfast, then went a bit further outside the city to go to Lidl (a grocery store like Aldi) to get more food… And, um… we accidentally spent 75 euros… ha ha…

BUT – on our way back, one of the main streets we needed to take to get back to apartment had been closed to be repaved, so we got rerouted through the most INSANE roads, but did some beautiful stuff as well.

by the way – this is a TWO WAY street…

So, I don’t know if you remember me posting about the narrow streets in rural Ireland, well… these were just as bad. We LITERALLY almost crashed coming around a bend because some idiot in a BMW decided he needed to drive 60mph on roads that SHOULD only be one way but are two directions. I did take video, but I need to figure out how to change their format so I can upload them onto YouTube to show you guys. I’ll try to figure it out soon!

I was so stressed after the drive back, that I wanted to just sit and relax a bit back at the house. so we laid out by the pool, took a nap in the sun, and it was FABULOUS! Once we woke up, we went to the beach to get some coffee and took some more neat photos along the way

Storm clouds beginning to roll in – view back towards town

view of the beach from the cafe

View from cafe – sun starting to set

Us having coffee

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos so far! More to come soon! 🙂 good night!


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