HoorAYYYY Vacation!

So, this past week and a half or so has been crazy busy! Last weekend was sooo nice!

On Friday, I got up early, and took keeley to the park to throw the ball and wear her out. While I was there, a random bikini photo shoot thingy was going on. They were telling people you couldn’t take photos, but I snapped a couple from afar.

As you can see, they were attracting a bit of a crowd. It was so warm (67 F) and sunny, that after I threw the ball, keeley and I just laid there while I worked on my tan a bit. Then my friend Judy called and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch, to which I said, of course!! So she picked me up, and first we walked around Grafton street with Keeley, got some coffee, then headed to lunch at a place called Mario’s. Then, we went and laid out at my friend apartment to get more of a tan (with the dog of course…)

ps – notice my super pale leg? ha ha

After laying out, went to get around and meet up with the boys after they got off work, and got some pizza and headed to the Docks in Dublin because it was so nice. Well, I ended up being burnt like a LOBSTER!! There was such a strong tan line where my shirt was… and my shoulders and arms were burnt so bad, that I had to wear a tank top when we got home because I couldn’t even stand clothing to touch it. So needless to say, my shower the next morning was quite uncomfortable.

Hanging out at the docks – you can’t see my sunburnt because I’m all covered up

The crowd of people hanging out at the docks

The next day, while running errands, we ran into a very cute looking guy…

Then, that sunday, my friend Milo and I took a little day trip out to Howth to see the markets up there and walk around. Milo still has the photos on her camera, so until I get a copy, here are some photos I found online that are similar to what we saw while we were there….

Then we went on a bit of a walk…


Also, a friend of a family friend was in town, so I met up with her and showed her around the city for awhile on Wednesday and today…

And tomorrow, we head to Portugal!!! YAY!!! Sorry for the quick post… wanted to post soon before going to bed… I’ll post more from portugal about our vacation.



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