Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Days to all you Moms out there!! Hope you all have a GREAT mother’s day! We just wanted to take a minute first to say Happy Mother’s Day to OUR mothers!

You know we wouldn’t be here without you! We hope you were able to celebrate your special day!!

This past week has been pretty busy! On Friday, It was GORGEOUS outside, so I took Keeley to the beach for the first time.

She really enjoyed it! she ran and ran and ran! Toby wasn’t able to come with us because he was at work, so the next time it’s really nice we’re going to take her out again and I’ll take more photos. That evening, we just kind of laid low.

Saturday it was gorgeous again, so we went to the Iveagh Gardens to throw the ball around with the dog and wore her out again! 🙂

We did go out Saturday night to celebrate the end of finals for a couple of our friends who had just finished their exams.

I learned one thing from this photo… I really need a tan! ha ha. BUT we leave for our vacation in Lisbon in 18 days!!! WOOHOO!!!

Tomorrow my good American friend Jenny leaves for the states for 3 weeks, then gets back the day after we leave for Lisbon, so we won’t see her for a WHOLE month! So, tonight our Sweedish friend Milo (the tan one above) made an AMAZING asian fusion diner for us all. She made vietnamese spring rolls, followed by Thai curry with rice. NOM NOM NOM! It was so good!

We JUST got home about an hour ago, so I’m making this post short and going to bed. Night night everyone! Moms… you sleep tight! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day 2012

  1. denisebehrman says:

    Thank you and Toby for the lovely tribute of both your mother’s, how very thoughtful! I was so surprised on Friday when the doorbell rang and there were the most beautiful flowers delivered from you and Toby, you made my day! I was not expecting anything like that! They are beautiful!!! Thank you for thinking of me on Mother’s Day, what a wonderful daughter and son-in-law I have!!!


  2. denisebehrman says:

    Thank you and Toby for the lovely Mother’s Day tribute! and thank you for the beautiful flowers you had delivered last Friday, what a fun surprise! I was not expecting that! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and son-in-law. Love you! and thank you for thinking of me on Mother’s Day!!!!! 🙂


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