Our First Visitor – Part Two!

(continuation of the last post)

So after exploring on Friday, while our friends went back to rest, I took Keeley to this new park I found, the Iveagh Gardens. I had run her with the ball for awhile, but as we were about to leave, she made a new friend! She met a 5 month old American Bulldog puppy, and man did she wear him out. He was still so floppy and uncoordinated, he couldn’t keep up with keeley. They would take turns grabbing the ball and making the other one chase them.

They had quite a blast! When we got home, keeley pretty much just passed out…

Later that evening, we went to a local pub Macturcaills. Unfortunately we arrived shortly after their kitchen closed. So after an hour or so, we decided we were hungry and needed food. So what did we do? We ordered Kebab deliveries  TO the pub… ha ha. For those of you who don’t know, kebabs are basically gyros. So, I figured that since the kitchen had been closed, and we were clearly staying there ordering drinks, they wouldn’t care if we ate some food at the tables. We had done it another place before and they didn’t care as long as we were staying there in the pub. Well, the bartender was NOT happy about it. So, to finish our food, we all stood outside (in the cold) and finished our kebabs before we went back inside. After Macturcails, we went to another fun place called Odessa. They normally have some pretty awesome people watching on their dance floor. People here don’t dance together like the do in the U.S. Here, they dance individually, but next to each other. I’m not even sure how else to explain it besides that. Also, the dance moves are PRETTY awesome.

Well, after we got to Odessa, ALL of us started feeling, well… not so great after eating our kebabs. So after one pint, we all left to go home and called it a night. Those kebabs were the first real “fast food” I’ve eaten in quite awhile… my body decided to reject itself after eating it… ha ha. So after that, I’m not eating fast food anytime soon.


Saturday was the last full day that our friends were in town, so we got up and went to our chipotle “knock-off” restaurant – Tolteca to have some burritos. After our yummy food, we caught the train and took a little mini day trip out to Bray. They have a cliff walk you can do along the sea, it was GORGEOUS!

Checking out the ocean!

The ocean!

Bray Head

Cliff Walk

Lord Meath’s Home at the Cliff Walk

More cliff walk

Beth and I on the Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

Taking pictures along the cliff

Looking back at Bray from the Cliff Walk

They decided they wanted to check out the ocean before heading back

Overall – it was so great having them visit! Hope you enjoyed the photos! 🙂


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