Our First Visitor!

So, as you may remember, we had our first visitors this weekend! Our friend Laura came – she used to work with Toby in Kansas City. Her sister and her sisters boyfriend also came along. We had quite a bit of fun! They all arrived Wednesday evening, but quite late. So, our big adventure times started the next day. Unfortunately, I had been suffering from a sinus infection (boo!), but luckily got on antibiotics on Wednesday. So, by the time we ate, and rested for a bit on thursday, I had more energy (and breathing abilities) to commence my tour giving!


Everyone came over and I made them some baked oatmeal. It was pretty rainy that day, but no bother! We were going sight seeing!! First we swung by the Dublin Castle to get some information about when they did tours. It turned out the next tour was awhile away from when we were there, so we decided to go on a walk to the Kilmainham Goal Jail.

Checking out St. Stephen's green on the way to the castle

St. Stephen's Green

Visiting City Hall (next to Dublin Castle)

Me playing navigator!

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

We ended up walking 5k to the jail! It was quite the workout!

Our 5k walk to the jail

So eventually, we got to Kilmainham Goal and signed up for our tour. What was awesome, is our tour only cost €6, and it was  TOTALLY worth it. It is essentially a one-stop-shop for all of Ireland’s important history. The jail was significant when it was first built in 1796 because it gave prisoners individual cells instead of throwing them in altogether. In addition, it housed all of the important leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916 which eventually led to the Independence of Ireland from England in the 1920’s.

Inside Kilmainham Goal

Laura and I at Kilmainham Goal

East wing of Kilmainham Goal

Jail Cell at Kilmainham Goal

Plaque in courtyard of Kilmainham Goal

More jail cells in the Jail

Execution point of easter rising leaders in Kilmainham Goal

Main exit door at Kilmainham Goal

On our way back, we also stopped by the Mingle Market in Dublin 8. It’s like a little flea mearket/antique shop that has a little coffee shop and homemade candy shop in it as well. The stuff and people inside reminded me of Westport in KC and Lawrence, Kansas.

Connolly Sweets at Ferocious Mingle Market

You can view some of their stuff at the link above. Since it’s a flea market, it’s ALWAYS different. PS – Tiffany, this is like YOUR kind of place. Whenever you come visit, we’re going to spend like an entire afternoon here…

Lastly, we stopped by Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. It’s a book written between the 6th and 9th century in Monasteries in Ireland, Scotland and England. The book is an illustrated manuscript of four of the gospels from the New Testament. It was written by Celtic Monks of the time. The sheets of “paper” are made from the skin of calves/cows. It’s AMAZING how intricate some of these pages and handwriting is. And it was all painstakingly done by hand (obviously). But what was so amazing is the fact that it’s still intact. This book is about 1500 years old! My friend Jenny who goes to school there was so nice enough to get us in for free!

Folio 7v - Madonna and Child

Text from Mark

Checking out Trinity College

After seeing the book of Kells, we also got to see the “Long Room”

Long Room

You aren’t allowed to take photos there, so I just have this photo I found on wikipedia

After all our sight seeing, we went to the Porterhouse. They’re kind of like the Boulevard Brewery of Dublin, except they also serve food. This was the same place I had bangers and mash for the very first time. They’re food is REALLY good!

Picture of my Bangers and Mash from our honeymoon in May


Friday morning, everyone came over again for some breakfast! Keeley was enjoying her new company… ha ha.

Keeley just "hangin' out"

Then we headed to the Dublin Castle. It dates back to the Viking days, and is used today as essentially “state apartments.” It’s also where they inaugurate the presidents. You can click the link to see more history about the castle.

Plaster Ceiling in the Dublin Castle

tour guide telling us about all the Waterford Crystal in Dublin Castle

Gold Ceilings and Waterford Chandeliers at Dublin Castle

The "face saver" plate in the Women's Drawing Room in Dublin Castle

ceiling of the Innaugeration Room - Dublin Castle

Gardens at Dublin Castle

After the Dublin Castle, we did the Old Jameson Distillery tour!!

Laura and I at the Old Jameson Distillery

Barrels containing whiskey at different ages — with 1 year old whiskey, 12 year old whiskey, 3 year old whiskey, 18 year old whiskey and 5 year old whiskey.

Afterwards, we took a walk back towards the area they were staying in near our apartment, and the sun finally came out!

Grattan Bridge

Liffey River - Goodbye Clouds!

The sun came out!

Since it’s so late – I’m off to bed… will post more of the weekend soon!


3 thoughts on “Our First Visitor!

  1. Janice says:

    I just Love your pictures. I can’t wait to see the country for myself. And you guyes and Keeley too, of course.

  2. sara says:

    I feel like I am traveling with you! Thanks for the great pictures and tour! Have fun. Glad you enjoyed company from home!

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