Happy Easter!

So, I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Since I’ve been back, I’ve gotten a sort of job. I provide therapy at a local Mental Health Services center called MyMind. I already have about 10 clients!! That, and volunteering at ReachOut.com has been keeping me pretty busy. I’m still looking for a more regular job. The place at MyMind, I only get paid for 2 of my 10 clients… so it’s mostly volunteer hours. BUT, the good thing is that I talked to the state of Missouri, and they’re going to let me count my hours here towards full Licensure there!

So, Happy Easter everyone! I hope your Easter was great!

We made a lot of yummy food!! I made a 5lb ham, green beans, and some yummy mashed potatoes! AND cinnamon rolls from scratch!! (see recipe HERE)

 It was sooo tasty!! AND, I did a bit of hanging out with friends this week as well! I went out for a girls lunch on Friday. Here in Ireland, since the entire country is Catholic, everything is pretty much closed on Good Friday. Luckily, we found a restaurant that was open, and I learned that it is illegal to sell alcohol at all on Good Friday in the entire country. So much for that glass of wine with lunch! ha ha. So after our 3 hour lunch, ha ha, we went to one of the girls apartments for a glass of wine and more girly chat.

Then the next evening, we decided to have a girls night too… ha ha

Toby had to work quite a bit this weekend because they have a big audit due on Wednesday. So once he was home from work, and I was back from girls night, we had movie night 🙂 Today is also technically a holiday, no one works here on Easter Monday either… That is… Unless your name is Toby and you are working on a very important tax audit, ha ha.

AND we are going to have our first vistor from the states here in 2 weeks!!! I’m so excited!!! LAURA YOU BETTER GET EXCITED!!! ha ha (sorry this was the only photo I have of you… because you don’t have FACEBOOK! ha ha)

Hopefully my  next post will be sooner, rather than later. If nothing else I try to get some more recipes up!


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