Rest of Kansas Visit

AH! ok, so I’ve been even worse about not posting lately… but I’ve been soo busy! Which means this post might be a little long… sorry!! 🙂 ha ha. So anyway, after St. Paddy’s day, I didn’t really do a whole lot… Monday we went and visited my grandmother during the day in St. Joseph, MO. It was great to see her! My cousin Val was there with her kids too, and so was her mom (my aunt).

Myself and my cousin val

Myself and my cousin val

Myself and my grandma

Myself and my grandma

Then… remember how I was saying I was soo excited for it to thunderstorm while I was home? Well… I got my thunderstorm alright… and it happened AS I was driving back from my grandmother’s house (it’s about an hour drive from St. Joseph to Kansas City).


But then it kept getting darker…


and then the torrential downpour came…




Eventually we got back, and man was I glad to not be driving anymore. I definitely got driving again out of my system after that, ha ha.

Then Tuesday, I spent most of the evening packing and hanging out with the family because that was my last day there. Wednesday, for my last meal in the states, we went to Bravo, the italian restaurant I used to work at. Then I went home, and found out that luggage was too heavy, so I spent the afternoon re-arranging my clothes with BBQ sauce bottles, and mac and cheese boxes until I had the right combo of weight in each bag. Eventually I got it to fit… Then it was off to the airport.

So – when we pulled up to the airport on wednesday, we noticed there were some ambulances and fire trucks. When I checked in, American Airlines said there was a medical emergency on a flight, and that’s why they were there. So I thought nothing of it and went on relaxing and doing sudoku in the terminal. Well… all the sudden all these people came off this plane and everyone was mad and talking to the people at the gate desk. Well, come to find out, they were all on a plane that was straight from LA to NYC. While on the flight, a woman had a massive heart attack, so the plane landed in KC so the woman could be taken off the plane and receive medical attention. Well, either while on the plane, or after they landed, they used the oxygen tanks on the airplane as part of her “medical attention.” It turns out that KCI does not keep a supply of oxygen tanks in the airport, so the people had to get off the plane, and wait 4 hour while oxygen tanks were driven up from Tulsa Airport. It was funny, all these New Yorkers in their think New York accents were saying, “Where are we? What is this Kansas City place? I don’t even understand what state we are in. We are in the middle of nowhere, what are we supposed to do?” Also, I may have seen Rihanna, not sure if it was really her… but it sure looked like her. After all, it was a flight straight from LA (where she lives) to NYC. Either way, I like to pretend I saw her.

So eventually I got on my flight, had a lay-over in chicago… then in London… then finally after 19 hours I landed in Dublin. I slept so much on every single flight, and I was still tired when I arrived. But it was really nice to see Keeley and Toby again. The day after I landed I had training at a new place I’m volunteering. It’s called MyMind. I’m working 4 hours on Mondays and 4 hours on Tuesdays. I’m already completely booked for all my slots that I’m there!

Then the weekend came, and it appears I brought all the amazing weather from Kansas (minus the the thunderstorms) with me to Dublin! It was sooo beautiful on Sunday, we went and decided to meet up with our Sweedish friend Milo and sit on the rooftop patio at a local restaurant.


As you can tell, it was REALLY sunny. Then, we thought, “oh, it’s a nice day. Let’s go walk to St. Stephen’s Green.” Well… apparently EVERYONE else in Dublin also thought that’d be a good idea…

Anyway, we ran some errands then went home and ate some dinner. So…. that we could prepare to watch the KU vs. Duke game!!! I very fondly remember the last time we played Duke… if I remember right it went quite well…

Toby and I celebrating KU winning back in 2008

Toby and I celebrating KU winning back in 2008

Mass St after KU won the Final Four (or it may have been after the national championship win... either way, the street was this packed both times!) -2008

Mass St after KU won the Final Four (or it may have been after the national championship win… either way, the street was this packed both times!) -2008

Well – As I’m sure many of you saw, KU beat Duke again, and will be in the Final Four game this weekend against An Ohio State University (Toby and I refuse to call it “the” ohio state university… because, well… that just sounds ridiculous). I really hope we win! Unfortunately, the game airs at 9pm Central I believe, which means it will air here at 3 am… UGH! these schedules are going to kill me! At least the game is over the weekend and not on a week night.

I hope all is well with everyone back in the states!


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