Kansas Visit – Day 5

So, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but St. Paddy’s (from what I’ve been told by Irish people), the only people who really celebrate St. Paddy’s like we do are tourists and college students. It’s known more there as a religious holiday. They celebrate the life of St. Patrick – who is known for being a well-known priest who worked to convert the Irish to Christianity around the late 400’s A.D. There’s also a lot of “exaggerated” tales about how he banished all the snakes from Ireland, but they’re just tales.

Anyway, it’s celebrated on the 17th, because it’s believed that is when he died. So the day started with making an Irish meal. My mom made potato soup with corned beef, and my sister and I made soda bread.

Soda bread about to go in the oven

The Finished Product

Corned beef with potato soup

Later that day to walk off everything we had eaten, we took a walk around the arboretum.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, I met up with my friends Marcela, Sandy, her new husband Jacob, Jacob’s brother Sam, and one of Jacob’s other friends Shane. We went to the home opener for the Kansas City soccer game – Sporting Kansas City

We may or may not have had a little drinky - it was St. Paddy's after all...

The game was packed!

Green Beer!

I found an Irish scarf! 🙂

It was nice to see them all again!! Although, It’s been nice to see everyone again! Today, I spent time with the family, went to church, and just kind of relaxed and hung out. It’s surprising how tiring it is trying to get together with everyone. Not that I don’t want to see everyone, it’s just so hard to fit everyone in, you end up with like no time to just process seeing everyone. But it really has been great getting ready to see everyone!!

This evening, my sister Hannah and I went to meet up with my sister-in-law Tiffany to watch the KU game.

A bit later on, my friend Laura (we also went to high school, KU, and Avila together) came by to say “hi” for a bit and to watch the game as well. It was also Laura’s birthday!! Happy Birthday to you!! My gift is a KU win! and MAN what a game that was!!

I like how my 11 year old sister is AS TALL as like all of us in this photo… ha ha. It’s hard to believe there’s only like 3 days left in my trip!! Tomorrow I’m going to go see my grandma!! AND tomorrow it’s supposed to rain… a lot… so hopefully I’ll see a thunderstorm!!!

Anyway – it’s late… of to bed…



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