Kansas visit – day 3

Ah – so more updates since I’ve been in Kansas!!! I’ve been able to spend some quality time with our cat, DJ Frisky Pants… 🙂 I’m pretty sure he missed me…

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Yesterday, My dad and I went and had some BBQ at Timbercreek. And yes Toby, I was good… and I have not eaten at Oklahoma Joe’s… (which by the way, is THE BEST bbq in Kansas City – If you don’t believe me, just ask Anthony Bourdain!)

Ham and Turkey Meal deal with BBQ Seasoned Fries

Then, I had some extra time to kill before meeting my Avila counselling girls! So, I swung by Price chopper (our local grocery store) to pick up some food items I’ve been craving. AND… Zarda BBQ WAS THERE!!!! But I was good, and didn’t get any. To put this in perspective, they only come to kc like maybe once a month in the spring, summer, and fall. Although, they have a location in Lenexa, which is close. But not close enough that we would drive there. Anyway, they make pulled pork and burnt ends and you can buy it by the pound or by the sandwich. We always got pulled pork and burnt ends by the pound, and would buy bread to make sandwiches at home.

But again, they’re no Oklahoma Joe’s…

The Z-Man sandwich from Ok Joe's

Mmm… that looks good… sorry Toby, I may have to go there. I know you said I’m not allowed to because you don’t get to go, but I just can’t stay away from this magnificent sandwich… ha ha.

But anyway, I got some things I’ve been missing in Ireland…

I got some Good Seasoning’s italian dressing packets, Kraft macaroni and cheese, PUMPKIN!!!, hershey’s with almonds in them, fruit roll-ups, Candy corn & sweedish fish (you’re welcome Tobias). Some of it is for others too.. but I may or may not have purchased, um…. 4 cans of pumpkin, 4 boxes of mac and cheese, and an other box of Italian dressings…. oops! But, I picked up some gifts for my irish friends back home too…

KANSAS CITY BBQ SAUCE!!! But not just ANY BBQ sauce… Oklahoma Joe’s bbq sauce! 🙂 And some butt rub… ha ha.

After running to Price Chopper, I went and said “Hi” to our old neighbors from Kansas City. It was so great to see them and our other old neighbors again. The one woman, Pam, and her mother (who is 95! Go her!), used to travel to Dublin all the time when her dad was a pilot for TWA.

Then, I went to Governor Stumpy’s to have dinner with my counselling buds from Avila (where I went to school).

They all thought it was funny that even though 4,083 miles from Dublin, I couldn’t get away from the Irish…

Today I went and had lunch with more of my girlfriends. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of us all 😦 So, that just means we’ll all have to get together again to take one! We went and had lunch at McCoy’s Public House. It was 80 Degrees (26 degrees Celsius), so we sat outside and ate lunch. We were only out there like an hour, but I ended up getting sunburnt. BUT, that just means a tan tomorrow! ha ha. McCoy’s just happens to be across the street from the OLDEST building in Kansas City, which is Kelly’s Westport Inn – an Irish pub in the Westport district of KC. It used to just be called Kelly’s Inn, then in the 1940’s an Irish guy named Randal Kelly from Co. Clare was hired as a bartender. He eventually became a partner owner and inherited the building. It was then called Kelly’s! (little bit of KC/Irish history for ya! ha ha)

Then, this evening, my siblings and mom came back from omaha with a little present for me!


Another great thing about today… I finally got my pickles!!!

I went to the liquor store to get some Bulmer’s to celebrate St. Paddy’s day tomorrow, but they didn’t sell it!!! So, I got the next closest thing I could find (they only had 2 brands of cider… I don’t know what was wrong with them…)

Toby and our Irish friends started the evening out nice today at the Irish Craft Beer Festival in Dublin.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

(St. Patrick’s Day Blessing to you!)

I’m off to go watch the jayhawks now… 🙂


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