Hey there Kansas, come here often?

SO – I’ve made it!! WOHOO!!!

I left the apartment for the airport at 2am kansas city time and took the Aircoach bus to the airport. Unfortunately when I got to Dublin, they wouldn’t let me check in straight through on all 3 of my flights. So in lonon, I had to pick up my luggage, then go check in again with American Airlines and get the rest of my tickets. By that point, I felt like I was holding onto so much stuff!!

So, I got to London just fine, although I had a 5 hour layover while I was there… EW! So I stopped and got myself a bit of food during the layover to eat after rechecking in and going back through security.

I got myself some strawberry banana smoothie; a turkey, lettuce, and cranberry sandwich; with a bag of grapes. It was soooo yummy! And, for my long layober, I had toby download “Midnight in Paris” which I watched during part of my layover.

It was a pretty good movie! And, the nice thing that allowed me to watch movies in the airport, is they had these awesome “stations” all around the lounge areas in the airport where you could plug things in like chargers for your computer or cell phone

So… I watched my movie, and sat and ate. Then I still had 2 more hours. They didn’t post the gate right away so I plopped down in a new spot to watch the board that listed the gate and waited.

Eventually they posted it, and I got on my flight. they ended up feeding us 3 meals!! first we got lunch…

We got chicken with rice and green beans, a salad with thousand island dressing, a roll with spreadable cheese, ginger biscuits, and crackers with bottled water. But by the time I finished my lunch there was still quite a bit time left to go… 3 hours down, 7 more to go…

So I watched some movies…

The problem was I kept falling asleep towards the end because I was so tired from waking up at 3:45 am…

I woke up later, and there was STILL more to go…

Then they served us snacks!!

Its kind of hard to tell in the photo, but I had shortbread cookies, a little toblerone bar, and cheddar crackers with some tea.

Then, I took a nap, and I woke up to MORE food!

I had cheese pizza with grapes and ginger ale. Although, the pizza was SUPER greasy, so I could only eat like half of it. So, I watched the muppets for awhile

Then I landed in the airport in Dallas, and only had a 2 hour layover. This gave me just enough time to get through customs, get to my gate, and kind of sit there for about 30 minutes before boarding. I met a really nice lady travelling home to KC as well, and we chatted for awhile. As soon as I sat down on the plane, I  completely passed out. I ended up waking as we were descending into kansas city… I slept through take off!! I was so confused when I woke up! So I arrived, and the whole family was there!

It was such a nice surprise and it was so great to see them. I was so excited to see everyone, but I was exhausted. I ended up sleeping soo000 well last night!

I got up and ate some yummy eggs, and got around to go get the my rental car (I forgot to take a picture, so I’ll take one later…). They were all out of the smallest size car I had ordered so I got a free up grade to a Nissan Altima! WHOOP WHOOP! Then spent the day hanging out with the family! Although, I did have one problem today, and that was getting phone service. I have a phone that is unlocked that I used when I had sprint, and took with me to Ireland to use. Ireland popped in their SIM card, and I had no problems, it worked just fine! but, for some reason  when I went to purchase one here through tmobile, it WOULD NOT connect. Unfortunately, Tmobile is the only service provider that will allow you to do “by the day” sim phone card plans without having to purchase a phone. So, as of right now  I can only use my phone when I’m connected to wifi. So for now I’m having calls from my google voice number (the number I had before) transferred to my parent’s house… so people who want to call me – for now you can still reach me on my old number! ha ha, it’ll just ring my parent’s house for now.

I’m off for now… more updates to come soon! 🙂


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