There’s no place like home

So, as some of you know, tomorrow I am leaving Dublin to go on a short trip home to Kansas! I take off at 7:00 am from Dublin, which will be 2am Kansas City time (we don’t have daylight savings until the end of the month). Then, I’ll land at about 11 pm KC time. So, I’ll be travelling for a total of 16 hours… ew! But at least I’ll get there! ha ha. I did do a bit of prepping today before leaving in the morning. I cleaned up the whole apartment so it will be clean when I get back (that’s right Toby… it WILL be clean when I get back… ha ha). Toby isn’t coming with me, he’ll be here still. I also left a few notes for Toby incase he forgets some things, like watering the plant…

"If I'm wilting, please water me. thanks! -Basil"

I also did all the laundry, then checked the weather for this upcoming week before packing some clothes…

Thanks Kansas for having awesome weather when I show up! 🙂

So, I’ve decided that when I come back from the states, I’m also going to bring back the summer clothes I left at my parent’s house, and some food items I can’t get here. To do this, I’m packing very few clothes and bringing an empty suitcase…

If you can see, I rolled up all my clothes and packed them around the side of of the suitcase IN my suitcase, ha ha. The only thing that’s in the main one are a few pairs of shoes and some jewelry, so it’s pretty much empty. All I have to fit in it still is my makeup/toiletries. I’m bringing back pumpkin, low-fat popcorn, and BBQ sauce!! 😀 Plus some special requests from others in Ireland.

Then, I ran to the store and picked up some treats for my family back home.

Soda bread and Jelly Babies!!! 😀

Well – I’m off to relax and spend some time with Toby before my early morning take off!!! Catch ya later! 🙂


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