Glendalough Part Two!!

So, after checking out Glendalough for awhile, we decided to head back and rest a bit after all our walking before we went off to dinner. We stopped and ate dinner at this local Pub called Lynham’s Pub. Toby ordered a beef and Guinness stew, and I decided to be American and order Chicken strips and chips (aka fries). Since it was chilly outside that night, and we needed a little pick me up after walking around and scary driving, we had a couple Irish Whiskey’s too. Yum!

The food was really good! The stew had mashed potatoes thrown right in the middle! Although, I will admit the stew could have benefited from a bit more salt… luckily we had salt shakers, ha ha. On our way back, we stopped at a convenience store and got some cheese, crackers, chocolate and wine to snack on while we watched TV. The cabin actually had a fairly nice flat-screen TV in it with satellite television. So we got all warm and cozy, and just kind of hung out the rest of the evening.

The next morning, we went and walked around a bit to see a little bit more of the park, we got as far as one of the lakes. It was REALLY windy and cold the next day, so didn’t walk around for long. The rest of the time we took a long scenic drive through the country on our way home.

And as promised, here is one of the videos that was the least embarrasing to share. Yes, I sound like I’m about to pooh my pants in this video… BUT, in my defence, the roads were super narrow and windy, ha ha.

I was filming it with Toby’s iPhone, so the video didn’t capture quite everything I wanted. Here’s an example of how even MORE narrow they got later on… This is what most of the roads were like on the way there when you’re off the high way. If you fast-forward the video to 1:20, that’s what it was like when other cars passed… AH!!! ha ha

Lastly – Here’s the slideshow of all our photos!

Photos by Nicole Paulie, Mar 4, 2012

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Glendalough, posted with vodpod

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