Why, hello there Glendalough!

So, as many of you know, Toby and I took our first trip outside Dublin since we’ve moved here. We decided to rent a car. So we picked it up Saturday morning, and off we went!

Our Nissan Pixa we rented

We did pretty well for driving on the opposite side our first time. Although, because Toby was driving on the other side, it was hard for him to tell how close to the left hand side of the road he was. And, well… we did have one minor issue… Toby kiinda soorta hit the side mirror on the side a bus…

At least we had zero-deductible insurance! ha ha

We saw some AMAZING countryside on the way…

Wicklow Mountains – just 20 minutes outside of Dublin

It was a little windy outside…

After driving for about 10-15 minutes longer, we turned this corner and found another little area to pull of… which by the way, RARELY happens on country roads here we discovered. So we saw a lot of amazing things, and weren’t able to take photos of all of them, because the roads were sooo narrow… you could barely fit a car on each side, let alone pull over. So, found this one spot, and pulled over, got out of the car, and look backwards from the direction we came from and all the sudden saw this GORGEOUS waterfall, and you could hear the water too… it was amazing.

Just opposite the waterfall, was a farm with sheep

PS – see how narrow that road behind me is… that is a TWO LANE road!

See the sheep?! 🙂

panorama of the entire valley

panorama of the entire valley

After awhile, we drove through this cute little town called Rathdrum. It was just this one little lane of shops, and then nothing but countryland all around. We decided it’s REALLY similar to Olpe (the small town where Toby’s mom is from). It was the kind of town that was so small, that  literally everyone in the town knew EVERYONE else.

Church in the village

Looking down the main road

We decided to let Keeley take a little nap in the car while we went and grabbed lunch


We stopped and ate lunch at a little pub there called Jacob’s Well that was part of a Bed and Breakfast in the town. A family just had their son christened, and the christening party was at the local pub. BUT they were the only place open in the town to grab food, so we sat at the bar and ate, while the entire rest of the town celebrated this little boy’s christening. I ordered their special, which was a home made steak and kidney meat pie with a side of home made potatoes, and Toby had fish and chips. The fish and chips was a bit greasy, but my meat pie was sooooo good. I had never had kidney’s before, but I actually liked them (at least in the pie). The picture didn’t turn out, so I didn’t get a get a picture of that.

After lunch, we decided to go ahead and check into our cabin…

The garden at our cabin

The river behind the cabin

The river behind the cabin

Keeley was happy we were throwing the ball for her

Then we went for a walk and went to Glendalough Heritage site. It was a monastery founded by St. Kevin in the 6th Century. It was abandoned in the 1200’s.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway – I am off to bed… it’s taking a REALLY long time for all the stuff I want to include to load (including a driving video!), so I’ll try to post the rest tomorrow or the next day. Good night! 🙂


One thought on “Why, hello there Glendalough!

  1. Carolyn Behrman says:

    Thank you so much for these great pictures. What a beautiful country. Wish someone had been around to get a picture with you and Toby. So happy for you, both what a wonderful experience this is. Love to the three of you. God bless and keep you, you are always in my thoughts, prayers and that special little place in my heart. HUGS! Love, Gma

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