First time riding a bike (again…)

so, today I attempted to ride a bike for the first since I was, oh I don’t know… twelve or thirteen… ha ha. It was, um, embarassing. I went to volunteer this morning, then on my way home, thought I’d check out Dublin Bikes which I had recently signed up for. The way it’s set up, is you pay 10 euros and you can you use these designated bikes stationed around the city.

So, At first, I had a hard time getting it all adjusted, and it was windy, and I had a bag with my therapy worksheets and laptop in the basket. Maybe it was a mix of all these things, or me being nervous, but I started to go like 5 feet, and couldn’t keep my balance very well. Eventually I said screw it, and put the bike back and just walked home.

So, after dinner, Toby and I went and tried again. Him on his bike, and me on my Dublin bike. We literally rode up and down the street practising. I didn’t want to practise in front of anyone, because it was seriously THAT embarrassing. When I was younger, I would jump up onto and off of side walks, I rode like I had no fear. And now… I had to spend the evening RELEARNING how to ride a bike. Although, if you think about it… It has been 12 years since I rode a bike…

Anyway, I had to run the store today, and realized I hadn’t taken many photos lately. So I snapped more today for your viewing pleasure! It was night out, so some of the pictures are a little dark… I took more today on another walk, but I’ll post those later…

The office of an architectural firm on our street

The home Sarah Purser (old irish painter) used to live in

The canal by our apartment - if you look closely, you can see swans in the water...

Another version of the same photo of the canal

A pub near our apartment

Another pub near our apartment called "The Barge", the blue building in the background is the Hilton Hotel


Keeley was sad she didn't get to come with me to the grocery store

So I got back, and made a nice healthy dinner. I made spaghetti with sautéed chicken and grape tomatoes (see link for recipe).

I sauteed some seasoned chicken, garlic, and tomatoes…

Then, I added in some whole wheat pasta with fresh chopped basil

of course, I had a REALLY good helper (aka keeley was sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to drop food on the floor…)

Then of course I topped it with parmesean cheese! Yum!

Hope everyone has a fantastic friday! I’ll try to load up the photos soon of the walk I took earlier today along with an update on keeley!


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