Almost made it to the beach

So, as promised – more pictures! We were going to take a walk to the beach, because it’s only a 40 minute walk away. Unfortunately, I started getting really hungry, so about 2/3 of the way there, we turned around. Maybe it’ll be a trip for this weekend.

A rubbish bin (aka trash can) that had a boston terrier picture painted on it

Irish Village Market along the canal

I found this village market along the canal. It’s only there on Fridays at lunch time, it’s full of a bunch of neat looking food tents. There was Indian food, Thai food, gourmet burgers, etc. It looked really good!

Anyway – hopefully in the next week or so we’ll make it to the beach!

So, as of today, Keeley has been here for a full week. She’s been doing great on walks! She doesn’t really pay much notice to other people walking down the street (most likely because there’s so many people, that if she attempted to pay attention to all of them she’d probably go insane). She still pulls towards dogs though. We take her on a long walk almost every day. On Monday, we even stopped and said “hi” to America!

Hi America!

So, she’s only had one “accident” since she’s been here, although it was our fault. We also had a little experiment… We broke her kennel down, and had her sleep in it next to the bed one night…

To our ultimate surprise, she ACTUALLY stayed there entire evening. Toby had gotten up in the middle of the night to go watch the KU vs. Kstate game, and she didn’t even get up and follow him. She waited until we both got up to get out of her little bed. During the day, we’ve been just locking her and her bed in the kitchen, and she’s had no accidents. Today I actually just left her out in the apartment while I was running errands. When I came home, she was just curled up sleeping on the couch. We’ve got her food and water bowls all set up…

It’s interesting to see how keeley has been since she got here, especially without winston. She has become so calm. Beforehand, she was the crazy hyper psycho doggy. Now, she just lays around all the time, cuddles on your lap, and just sort of hangs out. Now… part of this could be because she’s over stimulated with her new environment, we’ll see if that’s the case. Either way I’m enjoying her calmness!


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