Keeley’s first day in Ireland

So – We went and picked up Keeley today!!! I got NO sleep last night! I woke up every hour looking at my phone and checking the time thinking, “is it time to go get her yet? oh… no… it’s only 2 am… 5 more hours still…” Then an hour later… “IS IT TIME YET?!” oh… no… it was only 3 am… 4 more hour still. So finally 7 am came, and I got up, and got around, I was ready (for possibly the first time ever) to leave in like 10 minutes. While I anxiously waited for Toby to finish his shower and getting around. So we went and walked in front of the Westin to get a cab, because there’s always a ton of cabs up there. We went to the front of the line to try to get in this cab that was a van, but there was no driver in the cab. so we went back a bit to this one cab who said, “oh no, you have to go to the front of the line to get a cab.” So we went to what we thought was the front, and that cab driver said, “oh no, you have to go the front.”

FINALLY, we found the front of the cab line, and got this other van cab driver, whose name was Freddie! He was so nice! We were talking to him about how we were picking up our dog, and we hadn’t seen her in so long. He started explaining that he lives in the countryside in Wicklow and he has two terriers. One of which sounded EXACTLY like keeley’s personality. He said, “You know, this may be kind of weird, but you sound like good people. I live on quite a bit of land, and your dog sounds like it’d LOVE going on country walks with my dog and I. If you ever need someone to walk your dog, you give me a call and I really wouldn’t mind. I mean, you don’t have to, I understand, but if you’re interested…” We go on to find out his daughter worked for Citi Bank in NYC, she took a job with microsoft and was flying out of NYC to move to Seattle THE DAY of the 9/11 attacks, and his son worked at PWC as a partner in NYC. Craziness!

So, we get to Lissenhall Kennels, which is where the customs exams take place. They didn’t let us walk back to see her like they did for our friend Paul’s dog. They brought her into the waiting room. As soon as she came in, I knelt down and said, “Hi Keeley!!!”… her tail started wagging like 90mph! We took her out to go to the bathroom since she had been in the kennel for so long. As soon as we got outside, the cab driver got out of the car to meet her, and said, “Oh jeezsus… she’s a beauty. This is just so amazing you two… I just can’t believe this…” and he came over and started petting her. He was getting as excited as we were!  He let me hold Keeley in my lap in the cab on the ride back home.

She had quite a bit of nervous energy when we first picked her up. She was kind of timid and freaked out when she saw anything new. She’s not used to being in such a “city” setting. At stop lights, she’d kind of growl under her breath a little bit at people. We got her home, fed her, then to get rid of some of her extra energy, her and I walked with Toby to work (he was only able to take off a half day).

Keeley at Toby's Office

We actually walked past the American Embassy on the way back, but it was SOOOO foggy, and misty that I couldn’t get a good photo. But we did walk by and say hello to the United States.

Walking home along the canal - you can see how foggy it was today

Even though it wasn’t raining, it was sooo wet, that her legs and the bottom of her belly was drenched with water, mud, dirt, sand, etc. Just because it would fling up as she walked up towards her legs. So we got her home, and I then I realized, oh wait… I don’t have any doggy shampoo. And then…. oh wait… we don’t have a tub. So i just rinsed her down until we get doggy shampoo, except I had to rinse her down in the shower… by myself… that was, um… fun? But we got her all cleaned up and dried up, and got her a spot on the couch.

After she got laid down, she just PASSED out!

Later on, I was cooking dinner, and while we ate, to keep her away from the food, I gave her a hard chewy treat. She grabbed it and went straight into her kennel to eat it.

Afterwards, she got her dinner, then she went back on the couch, and passed out again.

she definitely had a long first day, but we’re do glad to have her here! now… we just have to re-teach her how to ask to go potty because (1) she’s used to a doggy door, and (2) she’s used to grass, which by our apartment is QUITE scarce… like, you have to walk a block over to just SEE grass. But I’ll keep everyone updated on how she does.

Happy weekend! Good night!


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