Day 65: TGIF!

Happy weekend everyone! So, last night I went out with some girlfriends and then we met up with Toby and his work friends to go out for a while. Like I said, we went to wagamama – and it was REALLY good, and pretty healthy! I had a dish called Yaki Soba. It’s teppan-fried soba noodles with egg, chicken, shrimps and vegtables granished with sesame seeds, fried shallots and pickled ginger. It was actually fairly healthy too (despite it’s massive size, I was only able to finish about half of it – again, super sad I couldn’t take the rest home). It was 510 calories for the whole thing, but I again, I could only eat half of it. It had 45 grams of protein (crazy!)

Yaki Soba

The food they served there reminded me a little bit of Blue Koi from Kansas City, because most of the dishes were noodle dishes. By the way – For those in Kansas City, Blue Koi is one of my FAVORITE restaurants. If you go there, I highly recommend their dumplings and their ginger basil chicken.

So afterwards, my two other girlfriends and I came back to the apartment for a bit for more girl time to chat while we had some awesome wine that Jenny (our other American friend), and her boyfriend Killian (who also works with Toby) had left for us from Paris. After a while, we met up with the boys and his work mates at a place called Dicey’s. It was really neat the way it looks. When you walk up, it looks like just another small little place.

entrance to Diceys

Then, you walk through this little restaurant area…

Then, you walk through these doors, and there is this HUGE outdoor courtyard, it was really neat

Courtyard of Dicey's

It was nice getting to meet more of Toby’s co-workers. It just amazes me how nice everyone here is. Each person was asking how I was “getting on” here in Dublin (which is how they ask how you’re liking it). They were fun, and excited to talk us!

Then, today, I was craving chipotle soooooooooooo soooooo sooooooo bad. So we walked to this place nearby called Tolteca which is a buritto place that has been modeled after chiptole.

inside tolteca

Their setup - just like Chipotle's

Toby's Burrito before

Toby's burrito seconds after...

My burrito bowl

It was soooo good. I ate ALL of it! I had such two awesome meals in two days! I also snapped some random pictures on my walk home…

So – it’s midnight here now. And we are going to stay up to watch the KU vs. MU game – possibly the last time they play each other unless they meet in a championship or something. So we’re going to go get our RockChalk on! (note: they better win… ha ha… I’m no staying up to watch tip off at 2am to watch KU lose!)

(old post I found from february 4th that was never published… oops!)


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