First Art Gallery Viewing

So, last night I was invited to an Art Gallery at The Doorway Gallery to view some… well… art. I’m not really an art kind of person, I like looking at it when it’s there, I like taking photos, but I’m not like into a really artsy scene. BUT it was fun! They served wine (yes!), and cupcakes (double yes!). Anyway, here’s some photos of what they had…

It was quite a bit of fun. I met another woman there who is from Kildare, but lived in London for awhile. So my friend and I chatted with her for awhile. It was a fun little outing that helped break up the monotony of job searching.

Today, I also went to my first Job Club… it was interesting. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because I’ve never been to one. But, I did meet some people who seem to have some contacts that may help me out in my networking/job search. So we’ll see in the next week where that goes.


And now – for the stress we’ve been experiencing planning Keeley’s trip abroad…

So, as of January 1st, 2012, Ireland and the UK changed their rules to make getting pets into the country easier. YAY!! (or so I thought). Apparently with this change, there was a change in the form that was required, however, that was in no way EVER communicated to the public. So, I went along planning her trip. The requirements are as follows…

  • The pet must be microchipped
  • it must have a rabies shot at least 21 days before departure, but after getting microchipped
  • it must have tapeworm treatment at least 5 days before, but no later than 24 hours before her departure
  • She has to have a Vet Certificate stamped by the USDA
  • Then, she has to have a health certificate filled out within 10 days of flight for the airline
  • If you are not flying on Aer Lingus, you have to get prior approval from the country to use that airline

seems sort of easy enough, right? WRONG! What we ran into, was it turns out, because she was flying unaccompanied (which Ireland knew from the moment I started this process), decided to inform me 2 days ago that she needs to have the COMMERCIAL version of the form. So… all her paperwork needs to be refilled out. Why does this suck? Because we already had to have her paperwork redone because the vet didn’t fill the form out properly. The USDA is supposed stamp the Vet Certificate within 10 days of her departure, to confirm that everything on it is correct. Well, the USDA decided it can only be stamped within 24 hours of her departure. We spoke with them numerous times, after double checking with the Irish Department of Agriculture if this is correct (which they said no…). So we told the USDA, “look, we can conference call the Irish Department of Agriculture… you do not have to wait that long to stamp it.” The reason we needed them to go ahead and stamp it is, Ireland wants the copy of the vet certificate 10 WORKING DAYS in advance to provide prior approval for her to enter. Long story short… we spent hours on the phone back and forth, back and forth. Well, then turned out when they told us that Keeley needed a different form filled out since she’s travelling unaccompanied, that that form DOES need to be stamped only within 24 hours of her flight… UGH!!! I swear, sometimes it’s so hard to just get a straight answer. It’s these peoples jobs to know and explain these rules, and everyone dropped the ball and got it wrong. I mean… one government agency is annoying enough to deal with, let alone two…

In the end, we finally got the correct form figured out, and now it just needs to be filled out by the vet. Then, on Tuesday of next week, Keeley has to get her tapeworm treatment. THEN on Wednesday (but after 10:30 am to keep her within 24 hours of flight), the vet has to sign her vet certificate, then they have to drive an hour outside of town to get the USDA to stamp the certificate. THEN Thursday… she finally flies out. That’s… um… kind of less confusing?? I really hope it’s not this difficult when we bring her back… The other problem is, that if we wanted to bring Winston over… ALL airlines except 1 refuse to ship him JUST because he has a snub nose. Even then, he would have a WHOLE other set of requirements for his flight JUST BECAUSE he has a snub nose. I mean, seriously guys, I’m not bringing these dogs from a 3rd world country, it shouldn’t be this difficult. It’s more expensive to to ship a dog here than it is to ship a person.


So – that’s what we’ve been dealing with lately, on top of my job searching… ha ha. Hope everyone has a great weekend. And in that spirit, I leave you with a funny boston terrier photo…


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