Surprise for Toby

This weekend, we surprised Toby with a little late birthday party 🙂 We went to a mexican restaurant called Cafe Azteca. It was just alright. The food was good, but the service was  HORRIBLE. They had ran out of beer at the restaurant, and the boys all wanted to have Coronas, because they were eating mexican food. So, the owner told them they could go to the local liquor store (here, a liquor store is called an “off license”) and bring the beer back to the restaurant, so long as the boys brought a beer for him. So, the boys did all that, and the owner ended up selling his corona to one of the other tables… seriously?! ha ha

my yummy burrito

Later on, we moved to a pub that was near by called Doyle’s. It was a nice, quaint little pub. Paul thought it’d be fun to make smiley faces out of his drinks

Then – we started having fun with our birthday party hats…

everyone thought it was funny to load up my head with more hats...

We’ve been having a lot of issues getting keeley shipped abroad… poor pup… oh how I miss her… (well, I really miss both of them like crazy… and my cat frisky too… 😦 But, at least I get to see keeley soon)


But I’ll write about those struggles in my next post. Besides that, I had 3 interviews last week. The first one, I was told I’d have to participate in their 10-week group therapy program as a client (unpaid) to get a feel for how their process works, and to view it from a client’s perspective. Then… IF they decided to take me on as a therapist, I couldn’t start until September. So, I turned that down… although, they are an awesome agency and it was a good contact, so at least I have that going for me. Then, I interviewed at another place, where it turns out you work on self-employed basis, but under the therapy center’s name. Well… then I found out that the Irish government won’t give me a work permit on a self-employed basis, I have to be employed by a company or person. So, my thoughts on that if I can’t find a job, is to get a part-time job doing something random, basically just to get a work permit, then working self-employed as a second job and taking clients on the side. I had a 3rd interview, but that ended up being for a volunteer position, which I took. It’s not for providing therapy, BUT I am now a fact sheet writer (and possibly soon to be blog writer) for for Reach Out. The nice thing is, it’s something to keep me busy in the mean time while I’m job searching. So, I got my first fact sheet writing assignments, and I’m quite excited about it!

I was supposed to have another interview yesterday, but it got cancelled because it turns out I was not eligible. Here, they have an program called the “internship scheme”, where people who have just graduated college are looking to gain work experience, but are unemployed. What they do through this program, is get placed in an internship where they get like €50 a week plus their unemployment payments.  So then I thought perfect! I’m unemployed… I just graduated… I need work experience… and right now, I’m willing to work for €50/week! At least it’s more money than I’m making now (which is nothing), and I’ll get work experience. Well… apparently I don’t qualify only because I’m currently not drawing on the unemployment system… but I’m not eligible to draw off unemployment here!!! You think that’d be better that I’m not draining this government that doesn’t really have a whole lot of money. I mean, they were filling 6 positions… it’s not like I was taking a placement from someone else… but oh well. I applied for a couple more jobs this week so we’ll see what comes of that.

Anyway, it’s late. I’m off to bed… I’ll try to start getting better about writing more often… By the way, to all of you in Kansas City, I’m quite jealous of your weather. Seriously?! 60 degrees??? Our high today was only like 30!!! And we’re supposed to be warmer than you right now!! 😛 At least we might actually get snow on friday night!! 🙂

oíche mhaith!


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