First time trying Indian food

Happy Saturday everyone! So here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

Last night I had my first “girls night” since I left the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the guy friends I’ve made here, but sometimes you just need some girly time. Unfortunately, my american friend went to Paris for the weekend (jealous!). So I met with the “Ladies who Lunch” group from Meet Up again. We went to The market bar (which is the same place we went in this post). They have this special deal where as long as you order before 7pm, you can get two “small” tapas plates and a glass of wine for €14, and the “small” plates were not real small. Granted I wasn’t very hungry, but another girl and I had to split the two plates because we couldn’t eat all the food. I had the lentil soup, and meatballs which came with little potato wedges. It was quite good. Afterwards we went to a place called Whelan’s that had live music.


The band that was playing was a rocky, blue’s-y kind of band. They actually were all American, ha ha. We didn’t stay there too long, because the music was being played so loud, that you couldn’t even hold a conversation. I like listening to live music, but I hate when the bands think that EVERY single person who went to that bar or restaurant came solely to see them. We like to be able to have conversations with our friends too!!

Since it was so loud there, we went to another place down the street called Flanery’s.



Flannery's - again - I cannot believe that pubs here have live, lit fires. How do they not get people who have drank too much falling in them?

It was quite a bit of fun! They were playing music that popular when I was in elementary school. I went to turn to the girls I was with, and almost said, “Oh my god, remember when they used to play these at our skate parties when we were kids?!” Then I realized, oh wait, you probably didn’t have skate parties, and you at least weren’t at mine, so you’d have no idea what I was talking about. Then some songs would come up, and I’d yell, “I LOVE THIS SONG!” and they would have never heard the song before in their lives. Then another song would come on, and then they’d yell, “I LOVE THIS SONG!” and it would be a song that I had never heard. It was still fun, it was just a little different. Not quite like the girls nights I’m used to, partly just because it was with girls I didn’t really know very well, but it was fun and the girls were super nice. One of them has two westie’s, and we starting comparing puppy photos, ha ha. We’re shipping our dog Keeley over here around February 8th or 9th or so, so the other girl and I decided we are going to get our dogs together for play dates. That made me excited 🙂


Today I met up with a friend of mine who recently moved here from Sweden, and we had some girlie shopping time. I had to break down and get a new pair of pants, because my current plants suffered an injury… they ripped right in the crotch of the pants… boo!!!  The one problem with the pants I bought (and each pair I tried on)… they only sell them in 31″ length. What size do I need? 27 inches… ha ha. So they are like 4 inches too long. So until I get them hemmed, I’m just going to roll the bottoms up.


Tonight we didn’t feel like cooking, so we order food to go (or take-away as they call it here) from a local Indian Restaurant called Saagar. I’ve never really had indian food, so I was excited to try it. We ordered chicken tikka masala, which is chicken and rice in this curry sauce, and we got this bread called naan bread which was pretty much like pita bread.

Chicken Tikka Masala

It was really good. So now that our bellies are full, we are going to go finish watching the KU vs. Texas game… Rock Chalk Jayhawk everyone!


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