Irish Commercials

Hello!! So – I haven’t done much today… We went and worked out this morning, and now I feel like ALL my energy is just zapped. Normally I don’t feel this tired after a workout, but oh well. We’ve been sitting around watching TV for awhile, and there are a couple commercials that have been airing here that I really like, and thought I’d share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Well – that’s all the commercials I could think of for now. What’s interesting is that after 9:30 pm at night, there is NO censorship on tv… that means (even on free basic cable channels), they do censor language, nudity, etc… It’s like they assume everyone who doesn’t want to watch that is in bed by 9:30pm, ha ha. Not saying it’s insane crazy language and nudity everywhere on TV… I just noticed if they air things like movies, or shows that late, they don’t censor cussing and stuff. Just a little random bit of information, ha ha.


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