Happy Weekend Everyone!

So – good news, have found more jobs to apply for. Bad news – so far I’ve been turned down by 2… but at least I’m hearing back!

Last night we went to another pub called Macturcails – it’s really close to Trinity College. It was pretty neat. We met up with my American friend Jenny, and her boyfriend Killian (an Irish guy that Toby works with).


While we were there, we met quite a few of Killian’s Irish friends. They were teaching us “Dublin Slang Words”. When the irish guys started talking to each other – especially after having a few pints, they became quite difficult to understand. They not only started pulling out the Dublin slang, but they also started talking really fast. Here are some things I learned about Dublin slang, and what they mean…

When people say “Bye, bye…. buh bye bye bye bye bye…” They are actually trying to hurry up and get you off the phone and it means they aren’t listening to what you’re saying any more. Then I realized, several people have done that to me on the phone… boo!!

“Hiya” is actually “Howya”, as in “How are you doing?”

When someone either calls you, or you go up to someone. Instead of saying what’s going on, they say, “Storrrrry” (pronounced stor-ee), as in “Tell me the story”

If things are going well, you say they are “grand” or “spot on”

If you say “thing”, like you point to something, and say “that thing over there” they say “yoke” (prounounced yolk, like egg yolk) instead. So, they’d say, “that yoke over there.”

When a guy walked by who was staggering and clearly drunk, the one Irish guy said to the other, “go have yourself a drink and sort yourself out.” When I asked him what that meant, he said it’s like evening out a scale, the second drink “sorts yourself out back to even – I guess?

When you are referring to your parents, you say, “my auld one”

When they say “Oh Jesus”, they say (and spell it) “Oh Jaysus” ha ha!

Instead of “idiot” they say “ijut”

Also, I don’t know if it was something that a lot of people do, or just the people we were with, but after they’d finish a bottle, they’d scrape a smiley face in the bottle foil and call it a “soldier”…

The "Soldiers"

On a side note… Our awesome friend Jenny brought us back a pack of fat-free microwaveable popcorn… YAY!!!!

Anyway – It was a lot of fun. If you want to read more on Irish slang/phrases (and… I don’t know how true all of these are, this is just a website I found, and a lot of what the Irish folks told me last night was considered “slang” was on this website, so I’m assuming most of it is what people actually use…. HERE

Also – tonight I was CRAVING mexican food, so I went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make some fajitas…

AHH!! It was soooooooooooo sooooooo good!!! 😀 we ate ALL of it… nom nom nom! I just got some chicken, mixed some cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and squeezed a lime over it all with red and green peppers and an onion. Then I put it on a tortilla with cheese and salsa.

Anyway – I’m off to bed, because I stayed up too late writing this post. Hope everyone in the states has a great rest of your saturday evening! good night!


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