First Ladies Meetup

So sorry I haven’t posted recently guys! So on saturday (story continued from last post), I went to a “meet up group” called Ladies who Lunch. Its for women ages 25-35 who are looking to meet new people who get together every two weeks to socialize. So, I went in hopes of meeting some new people, and luckily, I did! I met some awesome new ladies who were super nice and I think I’ll get along with great!! I got some great info on places to visit in Ireland, and some great restaurants to check out! I was told first that I should go visit the west coast, to check out Galway and Wexford. Three other places I also want to visit while we’re here are…

(1) Giants Causeway

Story: The story tells that the Giant’s Causeway was built by Finn McCool as a walk way to fight the Scottish giant Benandonner. Finn fell asleep before going across to Scotland and he woke up to find the Scottish giant appearing in the horizon. Finn released Benandonner was much bigger than himself and run to his wife Oonagh wondering what he should do. Oonagh disguised Finn as a baby and made him curl up in an enormous cradle. Benandonner seen the huge ‘child’ in the cradle and began to wonder what size his father would be. Benandonner returned to Scotland and destroyed the Causeway as he returned home.

Giant's Causeway

(2) Belfast

It’s the Capital of Northern Ireland


(3) Kilkenny

It has a castle and medieval city…

Anyway – so those are the plans for local trips during our time here… we’ll see how many I get to…

Fast forward to today… a director Toby worked with in Kansas City was in town with her husband and we met them up for a drink and some dinner. We tried going first to a place that was highly recommended to us called Stag’s head, and well… they didn’t serve any food. So, we tried to go to The Market Bar, a place we went to brunch at that I wrote about back in mid-december, they had stopped serving dinner because they were closing early for their late christmas party. So then we went to the Porterhouse, another favourite of ours, and THEY had stopped serving dinner as well. We ended up at a pub called O’Neil’s. It was GORGEOUS on the inside.


As soon as we walked in, I felt an instant connection with this place. I had been feeling a bit down today about not having the best luck finding a job yet. When we got to the pub, I went downstairs into the basement to use the bathroom. As soon as I went downstairs, it smelled like my grandfather. It smelled like his basement where (I know a little strange) he used to store the deer heads from the deer he had hunted, and like his garage workbench area. I automatically felt comfortable, and like I was at home. It was almost like, again, it may sound silly… like he was sending comforting from above saying, “it’s okay you haven’t found a job yet… it’ll all workout.” Maybe it’s me reading too much into it, but if nothing else, the smell made me fell better, and it reminded me of my grandfather.


So – Today ended up being a good day, and our weekend ended up being a good weekend 🙂 Hopefully the rest of the week will go as well!


One thought on “First Ladies Meetup

  1. Tiffany says:

    Lovely story. I have complete confidence that soon you’ll be able to look back on your worry and think “Silly! You just had to wait a little, now you have this fabulous job, to go with your wonderful new married life in a fantastic, if a bit damp, country!”

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