Bye Bye London!

So – London was GREAT!! I had so much fun!! It was so nice to see people again that I know and have a built relationship with. I had to get up at 3am, so I could be on the Air Coach bus by 4am, to take my 6am flight out of Dublin. The flight only took an hour, then hopped on the Stanstead Express to head towards to city center and I met up with Amy. It was great, because I only booked my tickets about a week and a half in advance, and on Ryan Air my airline ticket was only about €40 (which is like $50). So I met up with Amy, and we went and grabbed some coffee and caught up for a bit. Then we headed over to the Natural History Museum.

Amy and I on the Tube

Natural History Museum

They had some neat exhibits! My phone battery started getting low so I didn’t take too many photos. Amy took more on her camera that I’ll post once she loads them. They had more dinos!


 When leaving the museum, we swung by Kings Cross Station to check out Platform 9 3/4 (like from Harry Potter)…. I attempted to get on the train to Hogwarts, but they wouldn’t let me in, on account of me being a muggle.

Platform 9 3/4

We also went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Front of the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Famous Criminals from the days of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes' Bed

How Sherlock Holmes would have hid his revolver

They had things that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used to write the book. The museum was even at 221B Baker Street. They also had wax figurines recreating some of the scenes from the book. The house that the museum is in is kept in the “Victorian style” that houses were in during that time period, so we could also see how they used to live.

Afterwards, we went to the Frued Museum – it was one of my favorite parts… me being a psych person and everything. I got to see THE original Freud couch…

The original Freud Couch

Freud's house

The museum is held in the home Freud lived in the for the past year of his life. His daughter, Anna Freud who also became a popular psychologist lived there until shed died in the 80’s. We got to read about and learn quite a bit about freud’s life.

Afterwards, we met up with a British Counsellor to talk about how therapy works in the UK/Ireland… so I was able to get some good information about how the system here works, what terms to use when job searching, etc. He also gave me his business card after I told him I just moved to Ireland and am looking for work here, and offered to help in anyway he can and said to call if he had any questions, which I thought was really nice.

Amy and I with my former Professor at the Counsellor Q&A session

Then Amy and I went and grabbed a sandwich and tea at Pret A Manger (they’re a little sandwich shop that’s popular in the UK). Then I took the train back to the airport, and hung out at the airport until my flight took off at 10:30 pm. I didn’t even get home until about midnight, I was exhausted, but it was so much fun!!


Jump to Friday…

Friday, I slept in until like 11am, because I was so tired from the day before. Last night we went to this Meet Up group – they make groups where different types of people get together and meet other people. They had a group on there called New and Not so New in Dublin, where people who were new to Dublin could go and meet other people. After Toby got off work, we went up there to check it out with our other American friend Paul. I ended up being the youngest person there by AT LEAST 10 years… which was kind of awkward. We only stayed for about 30 minutes and then left. There were also 150 people there, and people there already had little “cliques” set up, so it was kind of hard to get in and talk to people even if they were my age. But we tried… And afterwards we went to Paul’s apartment hung out for awhile. He has this bar he uses for back stretching and workouts where you hang upside down. We all decided to try it out, I was having fun making superman poses…

Me hanging upside down

I also went to a ladies meet up group today… it ended up being a busy day, but I’ll write about that tomorrow. For now I’m off to bed, because I’m exhausted. We’re being lame and going to bed at 10pm tonight… ha ha


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