It’s officially 2012

Well, happy 2012 everyone!! I hope everyone had a great new years eve! We went to a new years eve party at a place called Club M here in Dublin, it was pretty fun. We had reserved a table so we could actually have a place to sit and people watch. We arrived there at about 10:30 pm, because everyone here in Ireland runs on such a late schedule, we thought we’d be showing up at a good time. The place didn’t even get full until midnight. I don’t understand, how do the people do it here staying up so late?! The club we went to had a big countdown and everything.

View of where we were sitting

view of the club when its empty (picture is from their website)

It was quite a bit of fun. At midnight, they also had a balloon drop. It was kind of fun, because they were playing music that was popular when I was in elementary school and middle school when we used to have parties at skateland south in overland park/lenexa… wherever that skate park is. One of the things that was weird, is that here when the stroke of midnight comes at new years, no does their midnight kiss. Everyone just celebrates and keeps dancing. Also, they didn’t play the Auld Lange Syne song. Afterwards, when we left, which was about the same time everyone was trying to go home, the streets were FILLED with people walking home, singing, drinking, etc. It was like the whole city just went to the streets to celebrate the new year. AND it was impossible to get a taxi because they were all filled with people already. So we just walked home, which was no big deal, because it was only like a 20 minute walk, and it was 50 degrees, so it was a nice night.

Also, one thing I thought was funny, was that the bar had like 10 bouncers, and there would be 2 at the door, and then 8 standing all around the inside of the bar. The second someone starting acting out of line, they were OUT of there. If the person tried to stay, the bouncers made them leave. And they all wore suits and looked quite serious. They all looked like Vinnie Jones or Jason Statham…

Vinnie Jones

Jason Statham

Either way, I’m welcoming the new year, and excited to see what it has in store for us! Also, since people have been requesting it, yesterday I filmed a tour of our apartment. So watch the video below and enjoy!! If the video doesn’t work, check out the video here:

Happy New Year Everyone!


5 thoughts on “It’s officially 2012

  1. Aunt Cathy says:

    Your apartment looks very cozy! What does your daily schedule look like? How long is Toby gone, where do you go, have you met your neighbors? We missed you both at Christmas, but it was fun seeing you on skype!! Take care – love you.

    • Nikki Paulie says:

      Toby usually works from 9am – 6pm. I usually do job searching in the morning, depending on what classes the gym has, I’ll go do a workout class or run errands. I don’t really have much of a schedule right now since I don’t have a job yet. I saw our neighbor once, but we haven’t really “met” him yet. Our apartment is more secluded than the rest of the apartments in the building, so we probably won’t meet any of our neighbors in the front of the building because we have a separate apartment entrance from them.

      We missed you at Christmas too! But glad I got to see you on Skype!

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