It’s almost 2012!

It’s hard to believe it, but as of January 1, 2012, I will have officially been here one full month. In some ways, it feels like I just left the United States… but on the other hand, so much stuff has happened, that I kind of cannot believe it’s only been a month. We still aren’t sure exactly what we’re going to do… but either way, I’m hoping for a little less hectic year… between graduating, getting married, selling the house, moving (about 4 times, ha ha), coming to Ireland, and then finally getting an apartment… I’m ready for a little relaxation!

Not much has happened on our end. I don’t think I mentioned this… but for the first 2 weeks of January, some of my Avila buds will be in London for a social psychology study abroad program! So, on one of their free days, I’m going to fly to London for the day on January 5th to visit my friends!!! 😀 I’m quite excited to see them.

On another note… I’ve been able to get in the gym more, so I feel good about that. Our gym comes with a free meeting with a trainer to set up a workout plan. One of the workouts she’s having me do is walking lunges with weights. I was trying to be mindful to not let my knee go past my ankle, because trainers in the states always say, “NEVER GO PAST YOUR ANKLES WHEN YOU LUNGE OR SQUAT!!!” Well… she told me to purposefully put my knee well past my toes… which I thought was a big no no. When I asked her about it, her response was just, “Oh… those american trainers always say that… it’s really not bad for you as long as you do it right.” So – we’ll see how that goes! ha ha.

We finally got our health insurance set up. Here, in the united states, you get full medical coverage for free if you no, or low income… sort of like medicare/medicaid in the united states. Well – everyone gets at least free medical care in a public hospital, but we didn’t know how to sign up for it because we knew we didn’t qualify for the free full medical care (they call it having a “medical card” here). Well, it turns out we have to apply for the medical card, even though we don’t qualify for it. Then they reject it, and our details get put in their government’s “system” and we get free hospital care in public hospitals. In 4 more months or so, we get free private health insurance in addition through Toby’s work, and here you have to buy private health insurance for a year and pay in full in advance. The premiums really aren’t too bad, but so that we don’t have to be stuck paying for a year of premiums, we’re just going to wait for the one at Toby’s work to kick in.

Also – I went to try to register with immigration, because we have to register or we get kicked out in March. So I went while Toby was at work with all of the proof that we are staying there, like Toby’s Green card, our marriage certificate, etc. They said that wasn’t proof enough that I was with Toby, so we have go back after January 3rd to register together. Which is kind of annoying, but oh well… I guess Toby has to go do it at some point anyway.

Well – this post isn’t very exciting, hopefully the next one after new years will be better. Hope everyone is doing well!!!


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