Christmas Eve 2011

It’s Christmas Eve!!! YAYY!!!!!!

ps – if you like that and want to make one of your own, you can do it HERE So – we accidentally slept in a little bit late today – oops! But we got up and went to the Porterhouse for lunch with our friend who is coming over for christmas tomorrow, we had some yummy meat pies and banger’s and mash. Afterwards we went out, saw some carolers, and did a little bit of shopping. First, I got some totally awesome glasses…

My new awesome Christmas Glasses

Then, we went to Jervis Shopping Center, so we could go to Argos and pick up a little storage, set of drawers things to get our living room organized. The shopping centre was all decorated up for Christmas… I loved it!

Jervis Shopping Centre

We went to argos, which is like an outlet kind of store, but different. You don’t go shopping through the aisles, you go to their website, and reserve what you want online. Then you take your reservation number, go to Argos, and pick it up and take it home. It’s really neat (and cheap… at least most of the time)! So, now we are organized, and Toby has a place to put his Xbox… ha ha.

So we’re all organized! I made mom’s applesauce tonight for christmas dinner for tomorrow, but I think I accidentally put a little too much butter in it… oops! But I think it will still work well. But tomorrow is the big cooking day! Our friend Paul is going to jump in the Liffey River, I guess it’s something people do here on Christmas day? i don’t know – we’re going to go watch him do it, but I am definitely not participating, ha ha.

Anyway – I”m going to go back to watch my Michael Buble: Home for Christmas Special. Merry Christmas everyone!!


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