It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

AH – ok, so I’ve been bad, I know I haven’t posted in while. This week has been so busy!!

Monday– So, on Monday, we went over to a coworker’s of Toby’s named Nessa. She had a little Christmas get together. It was nice to meet a few new people. Of course, the other friends I’ve made here so far were all there as well. The difference was, that this time the number of Irish people definitely outnumbered the amount of Americans. I found that by the end of the night I would catch myself starting to say things with an Irish accent… and we were only there for a few hours!! It’ll be interesting to see if the way I talk changes a little bit once I’m working, and around more Irish people. But – we shall see. As Some of you saw on facebook, I also go our christmas tree finally!!

I went to our grocery store, Tesco, and they had little foot tall Christmas trees in a pot for like €12! The nice thing is that we can keep it year round, AND it came with Christmas lights!! I did learn a new word also at the party! Apparently, here instead of saying you were having a good time, you say “We were having a craic”. It took me a minute to figure out what they were saying… I kept asking, “you were having a what?!” Then someone explained it to me… also, I learned that when Irish people are relaxed, and have a drink or so, they start talking REALLY fast, it’s really hard to understand (at least for me right now) what they’re saying, ha ha.

Tuesday- On Tuesday, we got our new sofa bed!! In the picture, ignore where it looks like the wall bends, I was trying to take a panoramic photo with my phone. We’re trying to figure out we want to arrange all the furniture without the room looking crowded. We’ll probably take that round table out of here.

Our living room

Also on tuesday, my new American friend Jenny and I went shopping, it was sooo much fun! We went out to this little restaurant on Grafton Street named Bewley’s Cafe. It was such a cute restaurant, and the food was great! After awhile, we were waiting for the waitress to come bring our check, but she never brought it over. Eventually, we flagged her down and asked if we could have our check so we could pay. She replied, “Yes, of course, I’ll bring it over.” About 10 minutes went by, and she still hadn’t brought it over. We looked up and saw people going up to the counter to pay. So – instead of saying, “oh, you just pay at the counter”, she just said, “ok” – which was kind of annoying. We went to pay and tried to split the bill with our credit cards, and they don’t allow split checks – which was also annoying. Luckily I had enough cash for my portion. Despite that, the food and service was actually quite good! Just remember here, or well, anywhere in europe, that waiters and waitresses are not in the kind of “hurry” as they are in the States. Afterwards we went around shopping and I got a new pair of black jeggings (YES!), a new top, and a sweater dress. It was so nice, I hadn’t just been shopping in a while. The bad part was that luckily for me (sarcasm), my stomach problems started acting up. So I wasn’t physically feeling the greatest throughout the day, but I wasn’t letting that get my shopping trip down!! As I left grafton street, I took a neat photo of it all lit up at night (because of course when we left at like 4:30 pm, it was COMPLETELY dark outside.

Grafton Street at Night - facing from St. Stephen's Green

Later that night I went to our new gym, The Fitness Dock. I met with my new trainer Natalie, and she helped me set up a workout plan – because I really needed to get back into working out. Needless to say, between my stomach being upset, walking around shopping all day, and then working out – I was “nackered” out as they’d say. I went to bed at like 8:45 pm, ha ha. But it was good for my sleep cycle. This working out and getting to bed a descent time is helping me out.

Wednesday – So, yesterday, I attempted to go to the HSE office to apply for a medical card so I could get signed up for health insurance. I tried to make sure I had all my documentation, because you have to prove they are going to be there for at least a year before you can have public health insurance. So, I couldn’t find my passport… I spent hours tearing apart the apartment. By the time I finally found it, and walked the 2km there, I arrived 5 minutes after they closed, and found this sign…

So - I not only clutched all my important documents while walking 2km there to find out they were closed, I also discovered you could do it online.... So there was no reason for me to walk there in the first place. That made my 2km walk back home suck...

The good news is, that I got my turkey picked up!!!

It's a turkey breast rolled and stuffed

So – the store took a big turkey breast and rolled and stuffed it, so it’s ready to just pop in the oven. It’s also wrapped in bacon with some sort of marmalade flavoring. I’m excited to eat it! (i’ll post photos of the xmas dinner once it’s made on xmas day! And more good news – I got a nice little Merry Christmas card from my parents that day!! That made me feel less irritated about my stupid long walk!

Today (Thursday) – So, today I decided to work out again. I tried the “body pump” class at our gym. It just happened to be lead by the same trainer who made my workout plan. The whole class has you do different work outs to hit the entire body. I was still so sore from the training session – that I was really hurting… half way through the class she turned to me and said, “you know – maybe you should just do these squats without the barbell…” ha ha. I don’t think I’m going to be walking very well tomorrow… ha ha. I had to run some errands and run to the pharmacy today (which is also on grafton street – I swear I’m there like everyday now…). I took a shortcut through St. Stephen’s Green and took some fun photos for you!!

The center of St Stephen's Green - I love that it's December and there are flowers!

Center of St Stephen's Green

Center of St. Stephen's Green

The lake and ducks at St Stephen's Green

Exit of St. Stephen's green to Grafton Street

flower market in grafton street

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry the post was soo long! I’ll try to keep up on my posting. G’night!


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

  1. Aunt Cathy says:

    I really like the night pic with the lights. That turkey roll looks GOOD! Keep the pics coming. Love hearing about your adventures!

  2. Denise Behrman says:

    Oh! this was so fun to read and the pictures were beautiful! Your turkey breast looks yummo! Sounds likje your cute home is coming together and you are finally able to have some fun! 🙂 You have got! to buy yourself one of those bouquets from the flower market! So pretty!

    Love you!
    Mom and Dad

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